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Nov 5, 2014


Whew what a few days...  so we are all officially moved out of the house (sad face). It was such a surreal experience to sell almost all of our belongings and I mean all of our stuff. Including my beloved iMac computer which was only a few months old. But we are not going to talk about that because it was the only thing I dropped a tear over. #dontjudgeme I paid cash for it so I saved...and saved... I was pretty proud to walk into the Apple store and say "That one!" and not offer up a credit card. So besides that, it was a cleansing experience and a walk down memory lane. Who knew I had like 17 boxes of letters, cards, pictures from wayyyyyy back. I went ahead and condensed those. Cleaned like a crazy woman and finally met my landlord to give her the keys and do the final walk through of the house. I am glad that part is over and done because it was just a nit-picky process and I felt like we took impeccable care of the house and the landlord was just trying to find things. Yeah, fail on her part. But I will definitely miss this house.  

It was such a nice, quiet place that really felt like a retreat. 

And it was pretty huge but I will not miss the cleaning because damn, it felt like that was ALL I did. #OCDmuch

So where are we crashing now? We are shacking up with my youngest sister Karissa. She lived with us for about four years when she was younger and prior to her getting married so we are kindly repaying the favor. It is nice to be able to spend time with her before our move since we are pretty close. What better way than to move all your shit and 3 dogs into their home! We have a great family. I think that the dogs are adjusting well...

Her dog, Bella (the schnauzer), has also been quite accommodating to her cousins as well. They are solid nap partners and they all play well together. 

So the Abu Dhabi update is...*crickets*. 

Yeah, no update this week. My last update from my rep was on October 23 so 13 days with no update. I am trying to be patient and I know that everything will work as it should. Some of my "group members", people that are waiting to leave as I am, are leaving today and tomorrow which is kind of hard to sit through because I would love to hear something. However, I have decided that I will not go into freak out mode and begin emailing and asking every other day if my rep knows anything. That definitely won't help the process along and I know that it is not her. I would also assume that when she knows something, I will know something. Let's see how long this mantra will last. I know that tomorrow is the end of the work week for ADEC so maybe today or tomorrow I will at least get an update. Here's to hoping that I will be out before Turkey day. Not that I want to miss Thanksgiving; Fat girl wants to eat. 

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