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Dec 18, 2015


Where the heck did November and December go? I blinked and boom!! 7 days till Christmas.
I am not complaining one bit though! Happy Friday, friends! Lt's get to my favorites for this week.

1. Blog, Life, Menu planners from Yellow Bliss Road To be completely honest, I am unsure how I stumbled upon the site. Probably a Pinterest session gone completely right but I do love a good planner. I have tried them all and I just can't seem to find the absolute perfect one. I love these planner for a few reasons. 1. Affordable 2. Digital Download and 3. SUPER cute! I am still deciding on my design. Which one would you choose??

*Image is from Yellow Bliss Road

2.  This cozy angel wrap from Home Shopping Network. I can't even put into words the level of LOVE for this gift. I bought them for my mom and sisters for Thanksmas and my mom happened to buy me one! Granted I cannot use mine year round but these desert nights lately have been the perfect time to get cozy with this. Perfect price point and shipping guaranteed for Christmas. It is a great gift or a nice little to me, from me gift #treatyoself

3. Speaking of being able to cozy up with my Angel wrap, I will vote the weather lately in the Dhabs as a favorite. Mid to high 50's at night time. Yassss!!! 

4.  Since fireplaces are not really a fixture in the homes here. 
5. It is that glorious time of year that all teachers long for.. Winter Break! Or Christmas Break as I call it.  I have big plans since I am not traveling anywhere; I brought work home to do. But in reality..

Have a great last weekend shopping before the big day! Don't forget to link up.

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