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Nov 22, 2014

Fashionably Late

As many times as I wrote this post in my head yesterday, it just never made to the keyboard. You know you love me <3

// Can we talk about the fact that almost everyone in my group got their plane ticket on Thursday.... except me and a few other ladies. I have really tried to be positive, upbeat, but that was like getting kicked. I am happy for my groupies that have their ticket {maybe a little sideeye going on here} but I wanna travel with them. So here is to hoping that I get my ticket on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. I am flexible like that. I will say that this happening has mde me extremely anxious and everytime I hear my mail chime on my iPhone I practically jump out of my skin. Lucky for me, I set a special tone to that email so now no more running to the phone. Who am I kidding, I am carrying my phone around with me like a newborn...

//Did I mention that the leave date on those gorgeous tickets is Thanksgiving Day?! God has a funny way of keeping me from all that glorious food that I really shouldn't consume in mass quantities. He is a real jokester, he is.

//All I can do is dream about emails.

//All I can do is dream that I get emails that say the plane is full and I have to wait longer.

//At least I am {restlessly} sleeping, right?

My brain sounds like an awesome place to be right now, doesn't it? I am kind of disappointed with myself because I have no been a spazz this entire process and now I am entering looney bin world. I pride myself on not being an anxious person and being pretty chill but yesterday was horrible. I felt anxious, sick, depressed, tired, and just blah. I know this process is like this and I felt pretty well prepared to take it on so maybe I am just being too hard on myself for one bad day. I am determined to not do any repeats of that...because honestly, that just sucked.

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Nov 19, 2014

Pissy Pants, Party of 1

Ever have one of those moments in life where you just want to have the freedom to be pissed? I don't mean just down. I'm talking a legit, just in a bad, cranky, I'm gonna throw a temper tantrum, melt down like a mother mood? Well a friend and I were having this conversation because we both can have some annoyance (see: slam it into turbo bitch) moments where we just need to be mad. However, we found through this quite comical conversation that there is always that one altruistic person who enters with some feel good cliche that is a good nature attempt at trying to make someone feel better, but damn it if they don't just piss you off even more. Some examples for your reference:

"It just wasn't meant to be" - While this a nice thought, I want to know why the hell not?

"Something better will come along" - I hate that. I am fully aware that something better or comparable will come along but I am a busy girl with shit to get done. Now would have been nice. Yes, now is a good time for me.

"They really missed out on you" - Apparently, they are not reeling from this alleged loss. Had I been a great choice I would have won.

"It just wasn't in the plan" - There was a plan? Why did I not see the "plan" so I would have been able to plan accordingly.

"You'll be such a stronger person after this" - If I wanna be strong, I'll increase my weights. Kay..thanks.

"You just have to be knocked down a few times." - Who thinks that saying this will help anyone?! I mean really, that is the best you've got?

I definitely think that sometimes a supporter just needs to be present. Silence is sometimes the best remedy to fix a piss poor mood and it is just nice to have someone be present, but not throwing an opinion or advice; they are just there to be supportive. Are you a vocal supporter or a silent rock for people? Have you ever thought about it?

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Nov 18, 2014

Living Room ideas

If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably noticed that I added yet another board to my collection. I need that like I need another purse. Well, I do always need another purse... bad comparison. Anywho, I have decided that another way to pass the minutes in the hours is to begin to think about what my new home can look like. Think about it, when you finally move out of the parents house you usually take some stuff with you and buy new stuff, yet you are still usually building around your old belongings. So this is seriously a fresh start. Since I have been out of my parents house for some time now, 12 years to be exact, styles have changes, tastes have evolved but let us be serious for a minute, furnishing a home is NOT cheap by any stretch of the word. So it is hard to begin a new vision when you have perfectly good items already. Unless you decide to move 8,000 miles away and you sell all of your furniture and are only going with clothing! So more of a silver lining for me.  Here are some of my ideas so far:

I am obsessed with the gray, teal, purple combo. Clearly, I will not be painting any walls so we will deal with light colored walls. I am definitely on team gray couch with the color accents. I think it will be so pretty. I am also a fan of black and white pictures so I think that black and gray frames with maybe a teal or two thrown in for good measure will be fantastic. I am unsure as to have this color scheme follow into the bedroom or maybe do the bedroom differently. What are your thoughts?

Nov 17, 2014


I think that well spent part is really up for debate. Do I believe that a day spent with Hulu, America's Next Top Model and my pups is a well spent day? Abso-freaking-lutely. Then again it is not like I am doing a whole lot these days but blogging, browsing Pinterest or Instagram, or watching T.V. The weekend really was a great one though because as nice as it is to be off everyday, my friends are not. You always forget that caveat when you are lounging around on your week days off. You are the only one lounging. Lame. 

So in my weekending, Friday was one of my better thought out days. Living about 20 miles from where I am used too I have found that it is necessary to make the most out of the trip so I am not driving back and forth along the interstate multiple times a week for one or two things. So I knew that I needed a new pair of jeans, so I decided to make an evening of the trip and have dinner with a friend then ice cream with another. It is all about spending time wisely and food + ice cream  = time well spent to me. 

Saturday was a fabulous day of more not so big plans. My sister and I went and indulged in severely needed pedicures, then took another trip to the mall so she could spend her Charming Charley's gift card. I was pretty proud of the fact that I purchased nothing.  #povertyNovember  I should have planned this move out of the country long ago, it would have curbed my shopping bug. Yeah, probably not. 

Sunday - well as stated above, I was pretty useless to the world around me as I did absolutely nothing. I did shower (you're welcome) but that is about all my day consisted of. I did forget how much I used to enjoy ANTM and to see that they are on cycle 21 on Hulu I know I have catching up to do. However, I will have more than enough time once I get across the ocean so I need to save some up. Speaking of across the ocean, I have passed security so I am just waiting for my visa!! Hooray! So now I am entering the just wait period when I am checking my email like a crazy person 32 times a days because the ticket could just slip in there at any given time. 

Living on the edge as usual,

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Nov 13, 2014

Sweetness Overload: Nutella Hot Chocolate

The obsession is real. Very real. Now Nutella is in a liquid form that is guaranteed to make me sick because I will be gluttonous and drink it until I am sick. However, it is absolutely worth it. Go ahead and judge me, I'll wait.

So I blogged about this the other night and I know some of you have been waiting, so here she is: Nutella Hot Chocolate. Yep, yes, uh-huh ...taste just as fantastic as you are imaging. Whether it is a TV night, fire pit night, or just a sweet treat it will definitely hit the spot and cure any sweet tooth you may have.

Here is what you need to make this sweet nectar.
3-4 cups of Milk (depends on who all you are sharing with, or not)
1/2 cup of ghirardelli milk chocolate morsels, *perhaps more if you need to do quality control as you wait for the milk to warm up
1 tablespoon of Vanilla extract
2 heaping tablespoons of Nutella
Whip cream

--Heat up your milk, not to a boil as you do not want it to burn
--Wisk in the chocolate morsels in two parts so you can ensure they do not burn to the bottom      of the pan
--Add the Vanilla Extract while whisking
--Turn the heat to low & add one tablespoon of the Nutella, whisk to mix
--Add the final tablespoon of Nutella and make sure to keep whisking

Once the chocolate concoction is all smooth and melted together, pour yourself a cup of sugar hot chocolate, top it with some whip cream and enjoy!

Nov 12, 2014

Dreams and VPN's

Confession: Last night was the first night that I dreamed of finally boarding my plane and making it to Abu Dhabi. I am kind of surprised that my overworked mind had not played this scenario out prior to now. I am actually pretty proud of the fact that I haven't gone in to full-blown, ugly cry freak out yet. But then again, that just isn't me. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I know that many cannot even fathom doing something as big as this. I think it is such an amazing gateway to such bigger things. I cannot wait to experience the culture and the lifestyle differences. Oh hey, tangent.. let's re-rail this post, shall we. 

In my dream, Abu Dhabi is horrible. I landed in the middle of the desert with nothing in sight and no idea of what I was supposed to do. I was all alone with no one. It was like I was transported to the middle of the desert and just kind of left. Obvi that is not going to happen because we will land at an actual airport. Much to my dismay in said dream, I had also forgotten to download the VPN on my laptop. The things that take priority in my little life, right? Nevermind that I didn't have directions, suitcases, or a place to live but sonofa if I didn't forget to download the VPN before leaving. I remember in my dream being very mad at myself. So I guess I will put that on my short list of BIG things to do. I am sure that this dream is a spin off effect from the placement news I received the other day about my school. I will be in an all girls High School in Abu Dhabi City. I am so thrilled with my placement that I cannot even begin to say. I definitely hoped to be placed near the city and I am happy with high school since it is what I am used to now after being in high school the last four years. 

**email check break** As per usual, SQUIRREL!! I was writing then got a notification from my email that has a special tone for important emails, like from my rep. that is in charge of my visa. Yep, well that went off, my heart dropped as usual and there is was. I had passed security and I am just waiting on my visa. My proposed leave date is two weeks, if not sooner. Right, smack dab during the middle of Thanksgiving week. That should go over like a fart in a space suit with my mom. Can't wait to break this news... oh wait, yes I can! 

So two weeks -- what would you do in the last two weeks before you left the country? I guess this calls for a list.  I am going to jam out and link out with Helene for the #SOTWW. Have I mentioned that I love her blog? Please do yourself a favor & check that business out. I have a list to make. I'll be jamming to one of my favorites..

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Nov 10, 2014

A sweet weekend

Another wonderful weekend wrapped up and back to work more sitting and waiting for the elusive email. My weekend was pretty low-key which is always a great thing. Saturday there was a local parade for Veteran's Day here in the town. I usually participate in the parade with my Krewe but since I am inactive this year that didn't happen this year. I really missed the parade because it is a small town parade with a lot of veterans that come out and it really provides a great opportunity to give the vets a face to face thank you, some beads, a handshake, or a hug. It is truly a feel good parade. I always think that it is so important to thank those who have fought for the freedoms that we have each and everyday. 

After the parade wrapped up, I had lunch with a friend who is born and raised in this town. She is dubbed the country mouse and I am definitely a city girl. I got the low down of where everything is that I might need: Publix, where I can get a good pedicure, etc. Yes, I know like a pedicure should be a priority right? Um, yes - do you know me?

After that - I came back to the house and was pretty much solo the entire day as my sister and her hubs were with some of their friends. So I hung out with the dogs, did some organizing and played with the pups. These dogs really do have some serious personality, as you can see. 

 Sunday I can't say was too eventful. I spent a lot of time browsing some blogs, getting ideas and trying to get organized with posts, link ups, and other ideas. As soon as the sun started to go down my brother in law started a fire in the pit and we sat outside to enjoy some of the cool, fresh air. the weather was amazing and I love a good bonfire when you can sit and just chill.
The dogs loved the romp in the yard and all came in to the house and crashed. 

I also made some Nutella Hot Chocolate. Talk about some knock your socks off goodness! I will be posting the recipe later this week. I highly recommend it if you are into sweetness by the fireplace, by the fire pit, or even as a dessert. It was amazing and only took about 7 minutes to make. 

Hope your weekend was equally as sweet! 

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Nov 9, 2014

Operation Christmas Child: Get in the Spirit of Giving

As I was doing some catching up on my blog feed this morning, I came across Operation Christmas Child . Now yes I am aware that it is well before "Christmas Season" because it is only the beginning of November, but sometime things need a little planning and preparation.

During Christmas time I do enjoy giving to less fortunate families, especially the kiddos. I have always been blessed to be surrounded by family, tradition, and of course a fantastic Santa Claus each Christmas morning. Yet, I understand there is a deeper meaning for this holiday and sometime it does get lost in the hustle and bustle that we as a society have created the holiday season to be. I love giving. I love knowing that someones day was a little brighter and I had something to do with that smile. Operation Christmas Child is a seasonal charity drive which is supported by Samaritan Purse, which is an international relief organization. During this charity drive they collect shoe boxes packed with little trinkets and other small gifts for children in need. This was right up my alley! So I was quite excited when I came across this, albeit a few days late for this initial posting but I have decided to participate and I hope that some of my readers will as well. This is not for just Bloggers but for everyone. By participating in this charity event, it is the hope that a community of bloggers and non-bloggers will impact several hundreds of children who would most likely be without this holiday season. 

So how does it work? Simple. Dig out one of those shoe boxes from your closet that you are going to use for "something" and get to packing! If you don't have a shoe box, pick up one of the cheap boxes from the dollar store because that will work as well! You will want to pick the gender and age bracket for the child and buy according to that. Think personal items such personal items (tooth brush, tooth paste), school supplies, small toys, and hard candies. Then you drop off the box at a predetermine location which you locate on their website. Then the boxes go to children all over the world. 

So you want to give but don't really have time to do running around (or like me - you have limited time and could leave the country on the drop of a dime) well there is a build a box option on the website! Now that is convenient. It takes you through the categories and you pick the items. Once completed you write a short note, can attach a picture, then pay. Voila! 

Can I also say that I am digging the follow your box feature so you can see exactly where you box goes!! I am pretty pumped about this awesome opportunity to give back. I plan on building my box online, I think. I will post later this week with my building and my choices. I hope that you decide to join and post your box so we can make lots of kids holidays just a little brighter this year.

For questions, Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange has created this document to help guide you through making your box and linking up! 

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Nov 8, 2014

Jazzy Noodle-Roni : Comfort food

Sometime you just need some comfort food. Sometimes you just don't have a lot in the fridge or pantry but the last thing you wanna do is put a bra on and haul your butt to Publix to get something to make a meal. So I present to you - Jazzy Noodle-Roni! Ohhhh....ahhhhh!

What you will need for this throw together meal that will please almost any crowd:
1 box of pasta - I used spiral because that was what I had available but any type would work!
1 jar of spaghetti sauce
1 pound of ground beef or turkey
8 slices of kraft cheese slices
Shredded Mozzarella

-Preheat your own to 325
-Boil water for your pasta, once it reaches a boil throw your noodles in and cook to al dente. 
-While your pasta is cooking, begin to brown the ground beef and season as you like. I used garlic and some Italian seasoning
-Once your pasta is cooked and strained, put back into original pan and add half the jar of spaghetti sauce and mix, adding ground beef once cooked. Mix well till evenly coated.
-Place half of noodle mixture into a 9x13 pan then place the slices of cheese on top of the noodles.
-Spread remaining noodle mixture over the top of the cheese slices as another layer.
-Pour remaining sauce over the top and spread with a spoon.
-Add as much (or as little) cheese as you'd like to the top. I was feeling like a fatty so I definitely used about 3/4 of the bag. 
-Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until the cheese on top is melted to a golden color.

Serve it up on a fun Chevron Plate, yes that is a paper plate cause that is totally how I roll, and you have a winner winner easy cook dinner with plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day. 

Nov 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends! 
Well you see I have been on a perpetual weekend since October 3 so really today is not like a big end to my week of working because yep, haven't done that since October 3 either. I know, I know what a bad problem to have right? Well I have been working it has either been packing, cleaning, organizing, arranging, throwing crap out or tending to other things that I have needed to get done for a while. But that whole work thing just gets in the way and before you know it, you've spent a month "off work" but working even harder than you would have had you just went ahead and clocked in for the day. Irony at its finest. 

So before we get the weekend started (and I continue said perpetual weekend) here are some of current favorite things:

Yes, crocs. I know they are pretty hideous. Yet, when you have to take four dogs outside every 23 minutes because someone sound the damn alarm there is a squirrel in the yard again they are quite convenient. I also happen to think that they are pretty darn comfy since all flat shoes kill my lower back. So I may be without dignity, but my feet are not swollen or uncomfortable #sorrynotsorry 

I saw this picture while trolling through Pinterest and I was like, "Man, that would be really cool to do someday", hello - that someday is coming pretty damn quickly. Idiot. 

Again, trolling Pinterest on my perpetual holiday and I am having thoughts of printing this e-card to give out while I am in line at stores. I freaking hate when people do that. I mean I would like to run from your wretched breath and most likely screaming child because you've been texting and not paying attention to them on your three hour venture to target and they are now not only tired but hungry as fugg. For the life of me back it up, sista. 

I always love Fall. In Florida, we really don't get much a Fall experience. It is hot, hot, hot, then BAM, 58 degrees, then back to hot. So I have always wanted to live somewhere that I can see the change of leaves, the crisp touch the air and actually have a reason to wear one of my 78 scarves. Yep, Abu Dhabi won't offer any of that. Moving Fail.

What Abu Dhabi will offer is this breath-taking view. I mean while it is a world away, I cannot wait to take in sights like this. Can I puuuuullleaseee get my ticket soon?

However, while I am waiting for said ticket - can someone make this for me? Directions are here.  Isn't that nice, I even provide directions for no additional fee. Friend of the year right here. I love love love the stenciled leaves. Makes me miss my Halloween coffee mug with candy corns that I have glued together at least 3 times and is packed lovingly into my POD that is on its own adventure into the wilds of the Tampa/Pinellas area. 

I have definitely learned this over the past two months. With moving and all that crap you really do find out who your friends are. I have redesigned my time to those who mean the most and those who actually try to connect with me. I spent a lot of time at first trying to make people be happy and accomodate people to meet up, have dinner, drinks, etc. It took one person saying to me, No, those people should be seeking you out - YOU are the one that is moving and has an overflowing plate. She was absolutely correct. It is funny the change of surroundings once I took on this mindset. 

This made me laugh for so many reasons. 
1. that puppy's face is darling. 
2. My dogs, while they have adjusted well to our new co-habitation, do have the tendency to be assholes. I thought this might be a nice alternative to the crate as timeout. 
3. I remembered Princeton, the Sharpei, is 39 pounds. I would need a crane to get him in this. 
4. I laughed because I thought this might be the perfect Christmas present for my hubby!! I'm sure he would not see the amusement. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am working on being more organized with the blog and brainstorming some post. What do you use for inspiration?

Nov 5, 2014


Whew what a few days...  so we are all officially moved out of the house (sad face). It was such a surreal experience to sell almost all of our belongings and I mean all of our stuff. Including my beloved iMac computer which was only a few months old. But we are not going to talk about that because it was the only thing I dropped a tear over. #dontjudgeme I paid cash for it so I saved...and saved... I was pretty proud to walk into the Apple store and say "That one!" and not offer up a credit card. So besides that, it was a cleansing experience and a walk down memory lane. Who knew I had like 17 boxes of letters, cards, pictures from wayyyyyy back. I went ahead and condensed those. Cleaned like a crazy woman and finally met my landlord to give her the keys and do the final walk through of the house. I am glad that part is over and done because it was just a nit-picky process and I felt like we took impeccable care of the house and the landlord was just trying to find things. Yeah, fail on her part. But I will definitely miss this house.  

It was such a nice, quiet place that really felt like a retreat. 

And it was pretty huge but I will not miss the cleaning because damn, it felt like that was ALL I did. #OCDmuch

So where are we crashing now? We are shacking up with my youngest sister Karissa. She lived with us for about four years when she was younger and prior to her getting married so we are kindly repaying the favor. It is nice to be able to spend time with her before our move since we are pretty close. What better way than to move all your shit and 3 dogs into their home! We have a great family. I think that the dogs are adjusting well...

Her dog, Bella (the schnauzer), has also been quite accommodating to her cousins as well. They are solid nap partners and they all play well together. 

So the Abu Dhabi update is...*crickets*. 

Yeah, no update this week. My last update from my rep was on October 23 so 13 days with no update. I am trying to be patient and I know that everything will work as it should. Some of my "group members", people that are waiting to leave as I am, are leaving today and tomorrow which is kind of hard to sit through because I would love to hear something. However, I have decided that I will not go into freak out mode and begin emailing and asking every other day if my rep knows anything. That definitely won't help the process along and I know that it is not her. I would also assume that when she knows something, I will know something. Let's see how long this mantra will last. I know that tomorrow is the end of the work week for ADEC so maybe today or tomorrow I will at least get an update. Here's to hoping that I will be out before Turkey day. Not that I want to miss Thanksgiving; Fat girl wants to eat. 

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