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Oct 22, 2014

Pet Peeves

My top 10 Pet Peeves

Yeah, I am pretty sure that this will be easy since lately I have wanted to high-five more than one person in the face with a chair lately. Sorry...that is the packing/moving stress talking...maybe. Or my lack of tolerance for annoying people and stupid shit.

1.  Text back that say "K". So I text you a full sentence, or hell, maybe a phrase or statement and you can only muster a "k" in return. Oh Alright.

2. Teenagers that talk super loud and say completely inappropriate things just to get attention. Seriously, why are kids so damn attention hungry. Oh wait, they don't have always have positive role models at home. It is still a pet peeve #sorrynotsorry

3. Vague, Ambiguous statuses on Facebook. I mean just post, "Please come to my pity party" because that is all that people do that crap for.

4. The invasion of the snow birds into Florida at this time of the year. Seriously.

5. Screaming kids in Target. I get that kids have melt downs, and I understand that it is hard for parents. However, it is my sanctuary - please give that kid a candy bar or take 'em home.

6. When your standing next to someone and someone else walks up and wedges themselves in-between you.  #rude

7. When people tell me, "You're not a mom, you wouldn't understand"

8. When my wi-fi won't connect. I.can't.even.

9. When the packing tape gets stuck on the tape gun. @#$%^&

10. The gas light in my car. Bitch comes on at every single inopportune time.

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