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Nov 10, 2014

A sweet weekend

Another wonderful weekend wrapped up and back to work more sitting and waiting for the elusive email. My weekend was pretty low-key which is always a great thing. Saturday there was a local parade for Veteran's Day here in the town. I usually participate in the parade with my Krewe but since I am inactive this year that didn't happen this year. I really missed the parade because it is a small town parade with a lot of veterans that come out and it really provides a great opportunity to give the vets a face to face thank you, some beads, a handshake, or a hug. It is truly a feel good parade. I always think that it is so important to thank those who have fought for the freedoms that we have each and everyday. 

After the parade wrapped up, I had lunch with a friend who is born and raised in this town. She is dubbed the country mouse and I am definitely a city girl. I got the low down of where everything is that I might need: Publix, where I can get a good pedicure, etc. Yes, I know like a pedicure should be a priority right? Um, yes - do you know me?

After that - I came back to the house and was pretty much solo the entire day as my sister and her hubs were with some of their friends. So I hung out with the dogs, did some organizing and played with the pups. These dogs really do have some serious personality, as you can see. 

 Sunday I can't say was too eventful. I spent a lot of time browsing some blogs, getting ideas and trying to get organized with posts, link ups, and other ideas. As soon as the sun started to go down my brother in law started a fire in the pit and we sat outside to enjoy some of the cool, fresh air. the weather was amazing and I love a good bonfire when you can sit and just chill.
The dogs loved the romp in the yard and all came in to the house and crashed. 

I also made some Nutella Hot Chocolate. Talk about some knock your socks off goodness! I will be posting the recipe later this week. I highly recommend it if you are into sweetness by the fireplace, by the fire pit, or even as a dessert. It was amazing and only took about 7 minutes to make. 

Hope your weekend was equally as sweet! 

Bella And The City

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