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Oct 31, 2015

Of Mice & Men

The old saying of 'You never know what you have until you don't have it anymore' is one that is often pinned to the losing of a loved one or perhaps the ending of a relationship. I know that I have personally applied to many of the heart aching break ups in my younger year when I was SURE that I was left for solitude for the rest of my days. Or more favorably, they have no idea what they lost when they broke up with me. I have not given too much thought to this quote in recent years because I always foolishly apply it to a relationship lose. Yet, I find myself today thinking, "I sure do miss working with men'.  Let me paint for you the full picture.

I hobble down to my co-workers office today to try to catch up on the two days that I have missed (more on that later). Of course, I don't find her, so I sit and wait because the 25 steps between our offices is just too much to bear right now. I make myself comfortable, take out my cell and pop open Instagram. I am adoring someones fierce eye-liner wing when I see it - the flash of a shadow? What the heck was that? Am I seeing things? Oh crap did I take two of those pills this morning on accident? I race through the questions in my head in about 2 seconds and cannot come to a conclusion for any of them. I realize quickly I am not wearing my glasses (oops) and it was probably just my eyes adjusting to the light in the room so back to Instagram I go. Wait, there it was again. I put my phone down and stare where I have seen this 'shadow' for a few seconds. I am pretty sure I am losing my mind and then, there it is. This flash, this shadow, is nothing more than a mouse. A MOUSE!!! My first instinct is to get up and book it. However, the boot on my foot is going to make that next to impossible. The mouse looks at me and then the open door. It is a quick stare down before I get up and decide I am making it to the door before this vermin is. The mouse quickly retreats under the couch and I make it to the door and slam it behind me. This door slamming, especially from me, has people emerge from their office. I quickly go through the moments prior events and everyone automatically pick up their feet in their chairs and closes their doors. We do have a security man outside so we called him in. In true 'The Green Mile' fashion the mouse is no where in the office to be found. 

We now have an office pet, Mr. Jingles Houdini. 

You see, working in a school with all females we have no strapping man to call for in an instant to help us with this problem. We have no balance to the spike of estrogen to replace that ICK's and the EWW's with a stable, 'it will be fine, I'll find it'. We are left here to fiend for ourselves, to excavate this mouse out of my co-workers territory. We have no shovels, no traps, no cheese. In my former schools, I would have left the office and my male counterparts would have taken care of this issue without the blink of an eye. Within an hour we would be back to usual. But as typical females, we have to talk about it. How did it get in? Where is it living? Does it have babies? Will it bite someone? What if there are more? I mean usually, I am all sorts of women power but dang it, today, we needed a man or even better, men, to deal with this. Who has the time to wait for pest control to get here? I understand that this post may seem as though we only need men to be the force that deals with the unwanted or the icky, and largely, that is true. Yet, I do miss getting things from a guys perspective and hearing how they see certain situations. Also, there is a lot less talking with males. I've learned they think we females talk too much. They were right. Females have to talk about everything. Replay everything 48 times, and continue to discuss things even after resolve has been reached. A co-worker of mine used to say 'It is just too much talking'. He was right. Males are the balance to us, we do need them. 

So today,like many other days, I miss working with guys. 

As of publication, Mr. Jingles Houdini is still at large. 

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