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Jun 27, 2014

Circle the Wagons

It is not often that I will post about my Jamberry business because that is definitely not the purpose of this beloved blog. Yet, I really want to share an invite to by awesome readers about an Open House/ Preview of Jamberry that is going on this weekend. My amazing Team Manager and Fellow Blogger genius, Christi is so darn inspiring that I joined right after my sister and my only regret...not jumping on this bandwagon when it first circled.

My sister, Lindsay aka Martha, aka the blogger author of Just Keep Teaching, was all up in our family's grill like you've gotta try these nail wraps - they are amazing! I just said um, yeah...okay. Never did #dumbass So finally I see her for Christmas since she lives about two hours away and I was like um, what is happening on your nails over there? They were this fabulous sparkly, glittery, chevrony mix of all things that I heart so I thought to my self, I am missing out. We all know that can't happen; I signed up the next day, never having tried them for myself. I posted I was a consultant on Facebook, and before I knew it - I was having a full online Facebook party for these nail wraps and I sold over $500 worth of product my first week. Um, Hello?! Needless to say I got my $99 investment back within 5 days and I made enough profit to by myself a fabulous Michael Kors purse by the end of my first month. And honey, I wasn't at the outlet!

Christi (My Team Leader and now Exec. for Jamberry) started in October of 2013 and now has over 800 ladies on her team!!!! Lindsay now has about 80 I believe and I have almost 10. Since my dissertation has kicked my derrière the last few months I haven't had the time to really devote into recruiting but I am still making money! I can only imagine how my team will grow now that I am putting some time into reaching out, handing out samples, and offering info. opportunities such as this one.

So nothing to lose, everything to gain... Please comment or shoot me an email if you are interested so I can get you the event link invite! I love every Friday because it is ALWAYS payday.. not to mention the amazing bonus on the 10th of the every month!!

And while we are learning how to get that cash flow.. let us back said azz up. 

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