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Sep 13, 2015

Season Mood Board

In my recent hops through some different blogs I came across the Blog-tember Challenge.

Brave Love Blog

I do love these challenges for a few reasons, one being that it encourages me to blog on a semi-regular basis and two it really helps me find great blogs to read and keep up with. I think that is part of the inspiration I need. I am so saddened that many of the bloggers that I followed (religiously) have stopped blogging all together. I can name four right off the top of my head and it is really a downer because I loved to read their adventures, their insight into blogging and honestly they just seemed like super cool girls that I would definitely do a happy hour with. Maybe they still read and they will come back to blog land. Until then, I have to find some new content to read and inspire me. Enter Blog-tember. So far I have clicked through several of the links that are linked up and I am steadily adding them on Bloglovin or Google because I am digging what they have. 

So today the prompt is A mood board for the season. Not necessarily the season, like Summer, but more of a season of your life. Thank goodness it is not weather related because it would be just sand, sweat, and humidity. Interesting, right?

My mood board makes me laugh because as per usual, it is completely random and has no theme or logic. I think Abu Dhabi is rubbing off on me. 

+++ Venti. Venti Everything. And keep them coming. Work has been kicking my butt lately but I enjoy being super busy.

+++Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it. I guess that could be accurate for me at any given time. I feel like I have been a complete loon the last few weeks because it has just been so overwhelming and fast paced. That, and I have never been through opening of school here. Safe to say - NOTHING like I am used too. 

+++Make-up. The obsession with make-up is back with a vengeance. 

+++Patience...I'm sorry, what is that? I'm working on it. 

+++That beautiful picture of Autumn where the leaves turn and it gets that fantastic crisp to the air. I fear that I will not have that experience this year. Granted, I never had that experience really back home in Florida either but a girl can dream, right?

+++House Hunting. Yeah, this craziness is starting again because they increased the rent to my apartment by 25%. TWENTY-FIVE!! Completely ludicrous. I have started negotiating with the leasing company but I am thinking that we will be moving to a villa. There are a lot of great options but I am being a diva and pouting because I 1. hate moving 2. don't want to move at Christmas time and 3. hate moving.

Stay tuned for the moving adventures (or lack thereof, hopefully!)

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