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Oct 24, 2014

This could be a bit dramatic

Dramatic.. Traumatic, it all seems to go hand in hand these days.

So today is the final day with all my stuff. I still have plenty of shit treasured possessions to shove lovingly stack in the POD as it goes on its two year journey tomorrow to a place unknown. We shall call it the POD walkabout read: it is going to sit in a storage center for two lonely years without me.  I mean, I have to put my K-Cup machine in there. Shit just got real. I will not have a coffee maker for the next week that we are in the house. You have been warned. I guess I should load up that Starbucks gift card cause I will be rollin' through that drive through like a champ I didn't think that today would be such a resistance day for me since I have been saying all this week that I just want to be done with the packing, moving, cleaning, organizing, throwing stuff away, etc. etc. etc.  However, I know that when I go to bed tonight that the house will be empty other than our bed which is being donated and the fold up table that is doubling as a dresser right now. I do not skimp on the classy as you can tell.

News on Abu Dhabi: Yesterday some lucky ladies that are within my Leadership group got emails saying that the next travel is set for November 2 or 3. THAT IS NEXT WEEK!!! I was staring at my email, a common pass time for me these days, when the email popped in that said Update on Immigration Processing. I just sat and looked at it for a second before opening it. I skipped over the first paragraph of the cordials and went straight for the important stuff. It began with "Unfortunately,..." and I stopped reading. I already knew it meant I was not flying next week. Granted, I had a tingle of #$%^& but then I also had the side of me that knows I still have important shit to do, like drink the 14 bottles of wine sitting on my stove, update my iPod, get my iPhone unlocked, figure out which purses I NEED to take, pack my make up and maybe my clothes. Small details.

Considering I have never flown internationally, nor moved internationally, I still have plenty to occupy my time. Today's big challenge is my make up, which goes perfectly with todays #Blogtober14 prompt, The Beauty product I cannot live without. Well you see, here is the thing about that. I need it all. I love all my make up (not that I wear it every single day), brushes, lotions, potions, glitter, and all the other girly things that I have. So my answer to what product I cannot live without is....

I do love me some eyeshadow.

So for now I will go back to boxing up the last little bits of things I have... while listening to Andrea Bocelli on repeat.  As I said, it is a bit dramatic around these parts today. 
Today may be a good time to start on those 14 bottles.

Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro) Ft Sarah Brightman by Andrea Bocelli on Grooveshark

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