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Nov 17, 2014


I think that well spent part is really up for debate. Do I believe that a day spent with Hulu, America's Next Top Model and my pups is a well spent day? Abso-freaking-lutely. Then again it is not like I am doing a whole lot these days but blogging, browsing Pinterest or Instagram, or watching T.V. The weekend really was a great one though because as nice as it is to be off everyday, my friends are not. You always forget that caveat when you are lounging around on your week days off. You are the only one lounging. Lame. 

So in my weekending, Friday was one of my better thought out days. Living about 20 miles from where I am used too I have found that it is necessary to make the most out of the trip so I am not driving back and forth along the interstate multiple times a week for one or two things. So I knew that I needed a new pair of jeans, so I decided to make an evening of the trip and have dinner with a friend then ice cream with another. It is all about spending time wisely and food + ice cream  = time well spent to me. 

Saturday was a fabulous day of more not so big plans. My sister and I went and indulged in severely needed pedicures, then took another trip to the mall so she could spend her Charming Charley's gift card. I was pretty proud of the fact that I purchased nothing.  #povertyNovember  I should have planned this move out of the country long ago, it would have curbed my shopping bug. Yeah, probably not. 

Sunday - well as stated above, I was pretty useless to the world around me as I did absolutely nothing. I did shower (you're welcome) but that is about all my day consisted of. I did forget how much I used to enjoy ANTM and to see that they are on cycle 21 on Hulu I know I have catching up to do. However, I will have more than enough time once I get across the ocean so I need to save some up. Speaking of across the ocean, I have passed security so I am just waiting for my visa!! Hooray! So now I am entering the just wait period when I am checking my email like a crazy person 32 times a days because the ticket could just slip in there at any given time. 

Living on the edge as usual,

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