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Jun 27, 2014

Circle the Wagons

It is not often that I will post about my Jamberry business because that is definitely not the purpose of this beloved blog. Yet, I really want to share an invite to by awesome readers about an Open House/ Preview of Jamberry that is going on this weekend. My amazing Team Manager and Fellow Blogger genius, Christi is so darn inspiring that I joined right after my sister and my only regret...not jumping on this bandwagon when it first circled.

My sister, Lindsay aka Martha, aka the blogger author of Just Keep Teaching, was all up in our family's grill like you've gotta try these nail wraps - they are amazing! I just said um, yeah...okay. Never did #dumbass So finally I see her for Christmas since she lives about two hours away and I was like um, what is happening on your nails over there? They were this fabulous sparkly, glittery, chevrony mix of all things that I heart so I thought to my self, I am missing out. We all know that can't happen; I signed up the next day, never having tried them for myself. I posted I was a consultant on Facebook, and before I knew it - I was having a full online Facebook party for these nail wraps and I sold over $500 worth of product my first week. Um, Hello?! Needless to say I got my $99 investment back within 5 days and I made enough profit to by myself a fabulous Michael Kors purse by the end of my first month. And honey, I wasn't at the outlet!

Christi (My Team Leader and now Exec. for Jamberry) started in October of 2013 and now has over 800 ladies on her team!!!! Lindsay now has about 80 I believe and I have almost 10. Since my dissertation has kicked my derrière the last few months I haven't had the time to really devote into recruiting but I am still making money! I can only imagine how my team will grow now that I am putting some time into reaching out, handing out samples, and offering info. opportunities such as this one.

So nothing to lose, everything to gain... Please comment or shoot me an email if you are interested so I can get you the event link invite! I love every Friday because it is ALWAYS payday.. not to mention the amazing bonus on the 10th of the every month!!

And while we are learning how to get that cash flow.. let us back said azz up. 

Will orange eliminate the black?

Off the jump, this post would probably be centered around the amazingly, awesome Netflix series, "Orange is the New Black" which is a show depicted around females in Prison that is taken from a true life story and has a little Hollywood dramatization added. However, I decided to peel my summer self off the couch and away from my Apple TV long enough to check out the other new Orange Craze... Orange Theory Fitness aka the ass-kicking that you become a glutton to and just keep going back for more.

If you have not really heard of Orange Theory it is basically a 60 minute workout that consist of interval training {shoot me} that is done in a class format. Of course you can do interval training on your own but there is a trainer who is leading the class, switching the exercises, upping the incline or speed on the treadmills so all you need to do is listen. They are also super savvy as they have the directions posted on the mirrors in front of the treadmills so you know what level you should be at for what prompt. It is actually very easy. The theory behind the workout is the interval training pushes you into the "Orange Zone" or higher. This creates the after-burn, or for those technical terms peeps: Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Layman's terms - the calories you burn after you limp out of the workout room because your ass has been kicked. 

How do you know when you're in the orange zone? Well, for me it is when I can barely breath - but for an easier gauge, everyone wears a heart monitor and there are huge flatscreen TV's all over the rooms. So you can see what level you are falling into: White (hello, are you moving?), Blue (thanks for walking in the room), Green (Nice of you to join us, start sweating), Orange (I can't breath!!), and Red (death...okay, maybe not death but I am pretty sure it is close).

I will tell you as someone who hates interval training, this is a great work out and the monitors in your face really push you. I am definitely a visual person and seeing myself in the blue or green makes me push myself. It also gives your calorie burn which I also push to get to the next highest round number. Yeah, it is weird but it just helps me push little more. 

So after the initial 26 minutes on the treadmill, you usually get on the water rowing machine. That machine is an asshole. I had never used one before and that exercise is no joke. I will never say, "Oh, I could totally do that" when watching those poor souls on the biggest loser anymore. If you are a bigger person, it is not comfortable and it quite frankly burns...but a good burn.
So after about 800 rowing meters (death) you move to the weight room. This is really my favorite portion because I love lifting weights but I never know what exercises I should be doing together. They do all the thinking for you so all I need to do is show up and participate. I was actually able to do 5 burpees yesterday without stopping. A small victory - I hate those because the up and down motion makes me feel so sick, but I've determined it has to be mind over matter. Or at least that is how I got through. There are several different blocks that you move through and the objective is to move through the 3-4 different exercises in each block quickly over and over again... hence, interval training. 

After my first OT class.. I was dying... but a good dying. And I was rocking my new Fav. Workout shirt from Val @Fabulous Chick Gets Fit.

I think my favorite part of OT is their use of technology. As I am walking out of the studio each day, I get an email with a breakdown of my workout that I can keep which is great because I am all about comparing notes, did I push hard today compared to yesterday, etc. I usually go all out when I first start a good fitness routine which is great in theory but it can lead to injuries. With OT I can actually see my progress and if I am not performing or keeping my heart rate up, perhaps I need a rest day. Sometimes I have to see something to make me take a day off.  Here is a look at the graphs that they send. 

This was a pretty good workout, but my goal within the next week is to get to and stay at 40% in the Orange zone. 

OT also offers an app in which you can view the schedule and book yourself into classes right from your phone. I LOVE this part because this means that I am making a schedule and if you are booked, you need to go otherwise you will get charged a non-cancel penalty. Well, I like my cash so that keeps me accountable and attending. I went ahead and scheduled myself out for the next week which you don't have to but it helps me with planning the week.

Overall, I am really enjoying Orange Theory Fitness. I think that it is a perfect mix of motivation and training that I need to reach some of my fitness goals. I would highly suggest that if you have an OT near you, give it a try if you are looking for a challenging workout. It is not for the faint of heart, but I can't wait to see my results after 30 and then 60 days. Hopefully this orange will help me begin to cancel out my favorite, slimming wardrobe color, black.

*Orange Theory did not sponsor nor pay for this review. All opinions are my own and derived from my personal experience. 

Jun 23, 2014

Bucket List Check in

Time for the fuc bucket list check in. Y'all know I have to hold myself somewhat accountable. So let's see...
I can check off:
--relaxing (see: being a lazy ass)
-- organizing my closet (what a freaking nightmare that was). I totally Roy Gee Biv'ed it. It is pretty amazing now.
--saved a little $$ which I am sure will be spent here in the next few weeks, but I didn't put a time frame  that it needed to be saved for..hahaha.

--I went to Epcot this past Friday with my hubs for a few hours. It was pretty out, and not really busy. Just a lot of those Tourist groups with the hyper-colored shirts and those damn flags.

--I got my colorful highlights put in my hair; pink, purple, blue, and green. Very Mermaid hair. Very Fetch.

Mediocre Progress on working out 4 days a week. I biked a little over 6 miles on Friday with my hubs. Forgot to turn on that damn app at the beginning and almost crashed trying to turn it on and ride. So graceful, I am. Then I went to a personal training session on Saturday Morning that turned out to be a boot camp class and I am pretty sure I died. Twice. It was hard as fugggggg. I am so sore today that I could barely walk and my core is screaming whenever I am sitting down. It is a lose-lost situation I tell ya. However, it is the motivation that I need to get my ass back on schedule and not have this happen.

-- I organized my coupons tonight and made Target my bitch today. Steal my debit card # will you...

I also took a position running a summer school program that starts next week so I only have this week left of my summer. What the hell was I thinking?! I was thinking #showmethemoney.

Oh yes, and one thing that wasn't on the bucket list but I decided I really did want to do it.. a cute little nose ring :) I love it and surprisingly - it didn't hurt at all!

How are you doing on your bucket list? Any good reads you can suggest? I get no cell service at the school where I will be working and I will basically just sit and monitor so I will need something to keep me from going completely nuts.

Jun 17, 2014

Summer Link up

Oh HEY!!

Summer Break is the best.time.ever. Yeah I know.. most of y'all are working and I'm over here just wanting to work on my tan ...

I wanted to do this great little link up that I came across this morning as I was sipping my coffee and planning my post for the week. No worries, the winner of the giveaway will be announced later today in a different post. Yep, I'm gonna make ya wait - but hey, you're blog will get a shout out later. #winning in more ways than one!

Don't forget to check out Amy @ The Crazy Wise Woman. I just found her blog and I'm loving it so before to send some love and of course, link up!

The one thing I am most looking forward to this summer is getting this arse back to the gym and on a plan that I let go the last few months of school. Today is my first day of 21 days of no cheating. Look for that post later today ;)

The most annoying person I know is I don't know if I have any annoying people in my life currently. I just kinda phase them out because I have no time for people who piss me off.

I would like to meet people for a healthy lunch, or perhaps a gym session...volunteers? 

After a long day, there is nothing better than peace and quiet, a tanning session & then putting some comfy clothes on.

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear was none! I've been fortunate in the work uniform department. I mean I rocked the shit out of that Walmart vest back in the day.

When I hear my alarm clock go off, I find that ol' snooze button. However, for this week and next - ain't no alarm bustin' up my sleep!

My favorite form of summer exercise is I would say none because that is where I am most comfortable, but I do love some boxing and I am excited to be going back now that I am all healed and ready to kick some ass.

When the ice cream truck comes I always ask for the screwball! 

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is probably my bathing suit cover up & bathing suit. I bought it before our honeymoon - 7 years strong! 

My favorite summer outdoor activity is swimming. It is too damn hot to just sit outside and feel like you're suffocating.

My favorite thing to grill is I don't grill. You see a frog has taken up residence somewhere in the area of the grill; therefore putting said grill in my off limits zone. But my hubby makes awesome burgers and hotdogs; I love both equally.

The worst summer date/romance I had was a blind date I went on with this guy I met online. (Don't judge me). He was smart, funny, and extremely good looking. However, he was a total ass and rude to the waitress which being a bartender/waitress at the time I was not having. I got up in the middle of the meal and said - you're a real asshole and I can't be seen with someone as rude and demeaning as you. Followed by the epic walk out of the restaurant leaving him at the table. 

My favorite summer drink is either a frozen margarita or a corona with lime...yumm!!!  I will be subbing water with lime over the next 21 days and pretending it is a fabulous corona.

There are times when I just wish summer would ease up on the freaking heat. I mean I get summer, heat, sun..but hell.. 98 degrees + 1,000 humidity... #calmthefuckdown 

The best song on the radio right now is Iggy's Fancy

Jimmy Buffett supplies fabulous karaoke for summer time.

My best summer vacation ever was  when my husband and I went to Key West for almost a week. It was hot as hell but we had a blast ride around the island on mopeds.

After I’m done reading/commenting here I am going to plan some more blog post and clean meals for the week and start drinking this water... ughh..

It's not summer until I see someone complain that they can't wait to send their kids back to school (which happened about 12 hours into summer, day 1) :)

Jun 11, 2014

Link Ups and a Giveaway

Well we can't let Wednesday get away without participating in some of my Fav link ups now can we?? Let's not forget my giveaway that is in full swing right now as well :)

In addition to the Hump Day link up by the ever motivating Liz over at Fitness Blondie

The Hump Day Blog Hop

I will also be linking up with Covered in Glitter and Glue

Both great blogs you should definitely add to your reading list. 

So here is what I am loving on this fine Wednesday..

// I am stoked that this is the last working Wednesday for me! 

It is basically the last day of work eve for me since tomorrow we close down shop for my little 6 weeks off. Thank you sweet baby Jesus, because sista needs a break. 

// Additionally, I am excited about Wine Wednesday - I do believe that a glass is in order. 

// Pumped to be hosting a Giveaway with my dear sister Lindsay, from Just Keep Teaching. I mean who doesn't like free stuff especially when its cute decorating stuff, some free Jamberry Nails, and a gift certificate to TPT. Does it get better? I hope you are getting your entires!! If not, you're missing the boat

Just Keep Teaching

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Stereotypical Pleaser

I was asked yesterday if I was beginning my midlife crisis early.This is largely due to the fact that I decided it would be a fantastic idea to dye my hair a little bit of the rainbow in its blue, pink, and purple glory. I stand by my decision whole-heartedly, mind you. No, this is not the beginning of a midlife crisis, or an early 30-something freak out. I have had a little time lately to kind of reflect on me, my life, and my choices.

I will tell you I've definitely made some questionable decisions in life but not a one that I regret. However, in looking back at these decisions, I also can see where I have tried to always pick the lesser of the two evils, the way of less confrontation; ultimately the road more traveled. I have rarely made a decision based on just me: what I want and what would make me 100 shades of happy. I have always put others thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinions before my own. I like to make people happy; I discovered I am the stereotypical pleaser. There are several instances that I can look back and say I made a decision not for me, but based on those around me. What would make them happy. Some of these decisions pushed people out of my life that I really wanted in my life. Isn't that tragic? I have excluded people, instances, events all in the hopes that I can make someone else happy.

An exorbitant amount of time has been devoted to this realization. I'm not sure why this infinite wisdom struck now but I am glad that somehow it weaseled its ways into my thoughts because sometimes there is no better time than the present to make some changes. I have decided that I am a pretty good person; I am giving, thoughtful, reliable, and kind to most (lets not be confused, I am no angel). But it is the time in my life to make decisions based on what will make me happy and what I want. I am gonna do me.  Clearly, I am not going to go out of my way to hurt feelings or morph into a different person, but I need to speak up when something is bothering me, make decisions without always wondering how I will be judged and just go for it. This life is so fragile and who knows when our time here is up. I don't ever want to look back and say "What if I..." and question my decision making. I have lived too long hoping that I would be good enough, and praying that I would not only live up to, but exceed expectations. So I vow that not only will I live up the expectations of all those who have put the expectation out there, I will shatter the expectations I have set before me.

And I feel damn good about it.

Jun 9, 2014

Tablescapes and a giveaway!

A few years ago I really got into decorating my tables for the different holidays. I was definitely inspired by a crafty friend, Rachel, who I am pretty sure can do anything with a box of random crafting supplies and turn it in to something magical. Me on the other hand, well get a mental pic of my teacher bulletin boards that translate that to my tables. Viola! My love of tablescapes is born. I love to decorate for holidays (personal favorite is Halloween) and I always wanted a house with a foyer and a large dining room table. So when both of those things came true...ahhh, decorating bliss.

Anyways,  I was skimming through my Facebook feed a few weeks back and I see an advertisement for these absolutely adorable banners (did I mention I am obsessed with banners?!). I am pretty sure I need every single one of them but I am trying to stay within my year of need as my friends have dubbed 2014 (thats a whole other blog post, friends) so one I figured would suffice {for now}. Well the fabulous peeps over at Green Jazz Face sent me a banner to help aid in my tablescaping obsession for July 4th. A vintage-inspired red, white, and blue banner. It is perfect and fits my decor!! Can I just say I LOVE it!  So cute, glittery, and I didn't have to make it. Score.

Such a great quality and really vibrant colors!

The whole look :)

They have some fantastic banners for several occasions. Might I suggest the one that says "Let's get shipped faced". It made me think of Gasparilla & we all know I adore being a pirate on the weekends!!

So here is the best part of this post - a fantastic giveaway!! Not only can you win your choice of a customized banner from Green Jazz Face but you can also win a sheet of Jamberry Nails from yours truly and a $10 gift certificate to TPT from Lindsay over at Just Keep Teaching! Now for those of you that may not be teachers - never fear. Give that TPT gift certificate to your kiddos favorite teacher or to a friend who might be a teacher and you will score major brownie points. So don't forget to enter to win below through the Rafflecopter.

You'll have a fabulous banner, pretty nails, and some lesson plans. #winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This week I am linking up with Still being Molly for #fundaymonday

Life with Meg for Mingle Monday

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Jun 6, 2014

It's Summer, Suckas!

It's the next best day to Christmas, My Birthday, Or Halloween. It is the last day of school!! The kiddos are already at home terrorizing with their parents and I am free! Weeeeeeee! Okay, well not completely free til next Thursday since I have to be here to plan in advance for next year, but no kids. I'll take it! So here is my summer bucket list, not to be confused with my ever growing fuggg it list. Cheers!

And of course, today - we back that azz up!

And no I have no idea what the words are, but I LOVE this song.

Jun 2, 2014

Be still my heart

I'm linking up with one of my favorite link ups with Bre from Peacoats and Plaid. You chould definitely check it out - I have found so many of my favorite blogs from this link up :)

Peacoats & Plaid

This will come as a shock to no one that knows me, but I love school supplies. I mean, really like them. I can walk around the local Staples or Office Depot forever. I have always had a obsession with any kind of school supply item. My focus has always been on pens. If there is a pen manufactured, I have it. I am not too proud to admit I have boxes and boxes of pens...hello, that is called being prepared people. I will never forget when my BFF Meredith came to my house while we were in college. I don't remember how it happened or what we were doing but she opens up a zebra print box that was overflowing with pens. I could see the judgement on her face. It was a resounding "WTF is this" face. She still speaks of it to this day.

So it definitely was the best professional decision to go on ahead and become a teacher.  My classroom was the bomb dot com all the time. I always had writing utensils for my students. There was no excuse for not having something to write with. I would just pull out one of my multiple boxes of pens and pencils - the kids would stare at me like I was looney, and forward we went into writing heaven. I will say that the move from the classroom to administration was sad because I thought that gone were my days of having an excuse for all the school supplies, organizational tools, and planners. Oh, I love planners as well. Which leads me to the meat of this reminiscent post...

Last school year during the summer before the year even started I began to see these post from my teacher friends about these fabulous planners. I had never heard of them but apparently these Erin Condren planners were the next "it" item. Clearly, I had to see what the rage was all about. So over to her website I go, and my god it was the mecca of all things I need. Yes, NEED.  Stickers, Calendars, Stationary, Planners, Cards...  you name it and in all of its colorful goodness it is there. I decided at that moment I had to have one of these $60 planners. I wasn't sure if I could forge forth with a $60 planner purchase though. I mean a girl has to put some sort of limitation on her spending during the summer {teachers I am sure that you can relate}. So I decided to wait. I'll buy it during the fall I told myself. Well if you know high school like I do fall does not mean buying planners but rather football, homecoming, dances, and multiple other sporting events. Bottom line, no planner was bought. Sad face.

Fast forward to about a week ago when my sister Lindsay posted she had ordered one. Son of a .... I had completely forgotten about the planner and all of the goodness that was packed into it. So I made a comment on her Facebook post saying that I was going to get one but after my doctorate is complete because I wanted the front to say Dr. Rodriguez. I looked at the designs, longed for one again but said I was going to wait. Perhaps I need the extra motivation to get this paper finished. So I bookmarked the site and moved back over to Pinterest.

My mom gives me a call this past Thursday and asks me to come over to visit real quick because she has something for me. Hmm.. I hadn't asked for anything, so I wasn't sure what could be waiting there. Well, you guessed it. She bought me a planner with Dr. Rodriguez on the front and all. It is FABULOUS! Thanks mom!! I can't wait to fill this baby in :)  Plus, a big thanks to my sister Lindsay who helped in designing it.

Jun 1, 2014

My Favs right now

No rain drops on roses here but this is a post of my favorite things. Granted, these favorite things really do change about every other week but for now - this is what I am loving right now.

I am a Tervis fool. I have so many in my ever growing collection that I can't keep up with which ones I have and which ones I still NEED {want, whatever}. This one is a definite favorite because I do love owls and I love all of the colors. I also give props to that trusty lid so I don't spill any of my big girl kool-aid during pool days with my girls.

While I have always been a make up connoisseur, I tend to stay with my name brands. Perhaps because I am a make up snob, but mostly because I have super sensitive skin which is usually pretty clear and lets be real, I don't wanna eff up a good thing. This Wet & Wild $1.99 Mega Last lip color in Pink Suga is the bomb diggity. 

Candles - another obsession of mine. I need candles like I need more holes in my head.  But this candle is AHHH-Mazing. It brings the beach right up in the house and all that is missing is the cabana boy. Bath & Body works for the win.

I have avoided these Naked Palettes for as long as possible. Again, the allure of sparkly, pigmented eyeshadow up for this make up fein was just too much to put off any longer. I do like this palette, but I am still figuring out how to apply so I don't look like I've went three rounds in the boxing ring. It has potential though.. stay tuned.

I blogged this before when I was giving it a test run, but YNAB is the absolute best thing that I have invested in. I have tried everything to keep our money flowing under control but this is the only program that I have found that I can work with and live within. If you are looking to get ahead and see where all that cash flow is going - get yourself a free trial