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Nov 17, 2013

Inspiration Monday: Financial Strides with YNAB

Hey Y'all!! I'm linking up with these fabulous blogs this week to jump back into the blog world ;-) Check out these super cute blogs that are jam-packed with fabulous recipes, activities, crafts, etc. 

So like most people, I am excited about Christmas coming up but I can't lie... it always causes a bit of stress because while my hubs and I have decent jobs - it always feels like we are stretching the dollars even farther than we normally do. We've had several conversations lately that usually include the catch phrase "We work too hard to live this frugal". Now, I love me some coupons, lets not get that twisted. I will hold up a line while I go through my binder. Go ahead with your dirty looks... nothing feels better than feeling like you totally made Publix your bitch. 

So I decided that I wanted to make a budget.

Pretty much my thought in regards to budgets. I don't even keep a checkbook register. I have the mobile app that I check like 459 times a day. Whatevs... So I begin searching for something that I can actually use, understand, and hopefully rope my husband into using as well. (HAHAHAHAHA).
While Quicken was an option in my head, the new versions are a no-go for this Mac girl so I moved on sadly to find something else. Mint... ehh, I like to put things in my check register (when I use one) so I can see from what check things get paid. I don't like waiting until after stuff as already hit the bank account which is what Mint does. That does not work for this girl. 

So I searched...and searched...and searched... (really, this was a bit much) and I found an app on the Apple Store, "You need a budget" aka YNAB. I did some reading, watching some videos and I decided that it was pretty user friendly. However, the price tag at $59.99 held me back a bit. I mean for someone who is trying to formulate a way to save, the last thing I want to do is dish out $60 bucks on a "maybe I'll use it". So I hopped over to the website & downloaded a 34 day free trial.

So far so good. It did take a little bit to set up & get the info. rolling but I love that you can set up the budget to give every dollar a job whether it is paying something off or sending it to saving or heck even starting to plan for things you know are coming up later in the year, like these damn Vet appointments that leave me broke as a joke after. I set up a few "payables" that will set aside money for those upcoming things to help either off-set the cost or complete have it ready to be paid when the time comes... hello car registrations, 2 in the same month after no pay for 2 months from summer. Yep, that sucks every year.

So I am going to give this a whirl... poor timing perhaps as here comes fat boy and all his jolly, gift-giving goodness. But I figure its better to start now to maybe keep a better handle on crazy spending. Since we operate in a cash only world (no credit cards, none, not even one)...our pennies count. So here is to 34 days of trying to become more budget aware. Wish me luck!

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Nov 8, 2013

Boots and Beads

Ahoy Mateys!!!

For those of you that are wondering why the pirate introduction - it is officially parade season!! I am part of a fabulous pirate krewe and we do several local parades including the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion in which thousands of "pirates" take over the city of Tampa to pillage and plunder. We have parades, 5K's, and several other events that go on and Gasparilla Season starts in January officially but this weekend we have our first parade of the season, The Veterans Day Parade which is just south of us in Ruskin. Nice little parade, throw some beads & honor those who have fought for our freedom to have such celebrations and all of the other fabulous stuff we have to celebrate. We also visit the VA Hospital and the spinal injury unit which is sometimes difficult because several of the patients are just young boys. Its heartbreaking but I love to go in and bring a smile to their face.

So for this #backthatazzup link up - I figured some parade music would be fitting to start off my weekend.
A little Wobble to get the groove going...
Wobble by V.I.C. on Grooveshark
Not sure what it is about this song, but I can totally have this on repeat all day.
Royals by Lorde on Grooveshark
Have you thanked a Veteran? Well if not.. hello?! What are you waiting for? You've got all weekend to recognize someone that has given their life to the service of this fine country. I would like to say a huge "Thank You!!" to all those that are serving, have served, and those who are currently serving.
A special dedication for Vet's day with some of my favorite "All-American" songs :) 

American Soldier by Toby Keith on Grooveshark

God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood on Grooveshark

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