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Nov 20, 2015

Friday full of favorites

Happy Friday! My Saturday, same same. I haven't had a whole lot to say in the past two weeks because I have been kind of removed from social media. I took a hiatus from Facebook last week because I just wanted to high five too many people in the face with a chair. I actually committed to it. I removed the app off my home screen from my phone and hid it in a folder somewhere on the second screen of the apps so I don't even see it. I also turned all the notifications off.  It has been a nice, chill week and I have been much more productive. It also makes me less annoyed with people I love. #sorrynotsorry

So here are some favorites for the month of November :)

Favorite dessert: We were introduced to this lovely little desserts by Magnum that are sold here. I had one before we left and has no idea that they were here as well. They don't have the same flavors but they are still delish. And seeing as they are mini, I don't feel as guilty. Let's get real - I don't feel guilty at all.

One of my favorites of November is my new nephew! Isn't he absolutely precious. It was so hard to be here while my sister had him but I was lucky enough to be included as much as possible. I cannot wait to get my hands on this little munchkin!!! 

My favorite Facetime of the month:  <3 

My love of immaturity. Sometimes it is fun to not act your age. No adulting here. At least not on the regular. 

I think it is so funny that people are critical of Kayne about him being a bit snarky, self-absored, etc. but they are all about posting 354 selfies within an hour.  I mean seriously, lets stop judging and embrace our inner bit of Kayne.

Dear Sephora, please stop. I mean how is a girl supposed to participate in 'No spend November' and then you send a 20% off coupon? Damn you. 

So I tore my Achilles Tendon (yay me!) and I have to have a procedure done on Monday to try to help it heal so I can avoid going under the knife. The ladies I work with bought me these beautiful flowers and the smell.... ahhhh! They were beautiful.  

Those that have little ones, I found this cute etsy shop, LionheartPrints. Check it out, this is one of my favorite baby items. I am pretty sure Blake needs this!

My Nephew... Yasssss!!! This snap made my whole week. 

Speaking of Snap Chat, make sure you're following @JCMSparkles

The time of year has come when I need to change something about my hair. I decided to end the Blonde Ambition tour for this year and move to a more fall-ish color. This is the goal pic...

This is what I got to start. I wanted to get a good base before adding the caramel color high lights. It is actually much richer in person. I did have to go back to have it toned because work was like 'cuse me?! with the red. Okay, maybe it was bright.

Maybe I am OBSESSED with this little guy but seriously. How darn cute is this?!

Best picture meme of the month. My sister sent this to me because it is totally me. 

Don't forget we are having a good time on Instagram with y 2015 Thankful Challenge! Just use the #ThankfulPics2015 to participate and find some great new accounts to follow!

Happy last weekend before the Holidays go into full swing!

Nov 1, 2015

2015 Thankful Challenge

Happy November! I decided that since every November I see the 30 thankful days challenge that I would run a different sort of 'challenge' on Instagram. I love participating in photo challenges but I always seem to fall behind or I can't get a picture of the days theme. 

This year has brought so many changes and new things that I decided to do a 2015 Thankful Challenge. A little trip down memory lane if you will. I live with my iPhone and most of my memories are captured there. So this November, I am going to pick a photo from any time this year to share on Instagram as something I am thankful for. I hope you will join me in remembering some of the moments from 2015 and share them as your thankful moments. Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you are not already (@justcallmesparkles) & use the hashtag #thankfulpics2015. Don't forget to tag me so I can see all of your precious moments from this year so far that you are thankful for!