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Feb 26, 2014

So What Wednesday

Longest. Week. Ever. 
So this is definitely the perfect link up for the week! 

So what if....
~It is only Wednesday. I am pretty sure it feels like a Thursday that just keeps repeating over and over. It won't stop. It won't go away. This week is horribly long. Dear baby Jesus, please send Friday. Like yesterday.

~I am beyond annoyed that I have to work this weekend on Saturday. I mean it is for a 100 year celebration for the high school I work at. Lots of pride, tradition, #whatevs. It makes my non-existent weekend even shorter. 

~What the hell is taking Spring Break so long to get here?! The students set up a countdown in the cafeteria. It taunts me daily. Today they forgot to change it, never mind that half the school was in SAT testing all day. I had a legit panic attack. Don't play with my emotions like that. 

~So what if I finally turned in my chapter 3 draft for my dissertation tonight? I mean that is a great thing but it should have been in weeks ago. #slacker   Really, it is procrastination at its finest. I figured the longer I wanted to turn it in, the wiser I would be, right? (I'm grabbing at straws, I know).

~I don't know all there is to know about Blogging. But I am definitely participating in a giveaway with two other fabulous ladies. Check out the entry form below :) 

~I have only been to the gym once this week so far. #nojudging 

~I spent a straight hour watching my new White Ribbon Eel in her tank at work today. The Marine Science kiddos set up a sweet tank in my office and my eel, Trina aka "The Baddest Bitch", is pretty sweet.  She is blind as hell, but hey - you can't have it all, right?

Say Hello to Trina!! ;-)

Don't forget to Enter the Giveaway!!

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February Group Giveaway!!!

Good morning everyone! I'm happy to present you my first giveaway I'm participating in with two beautiful ladies who have put together a giveaway for you with three different prizes! To enter use the Rafflecopter below! One winner will win all three prizes. Individual items will be sent by the blogger. Paypal cash will come from Jacquelyn.

house of french House of French

sparkles Just Call Me Sparkles

bleudressjes Bleu Dress Jes

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Feb 24, 2014

Damn you, Karma!

So this is what I get for laughing at others misfortunes... All of my pictures on the blog have disappeared?!  What the hell???? Where did they go? How can I fix it? Anyone?

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"F" Word

You know... there are some Monday's that just really make me wonder why the heck I go to work. Today - was not that day. It was actually a great day. Minus a little drama early in the morning but I can happily laugh at some of the misfortunes that I witness. I know that makes me sound shitty, but if I could fill in the background info. you'd get it. Something about posting things about your place of employment that is bad for business. Whatevs. 

So here in FL we are entering into the dreaded "F" word timeframe. No, not my favorite 4-letter F bomb but FCAT. A standardized test that every kid takes at some point of their educational career in K-12 and is a bench mark for many to move from one grade level to the next. *YAWN*... it will be a long two days as the kids go stir crazy when they are locked in a testing room for about two hours a day. #KillMeNow

Best. Meme. Ever. 

So I need to do some writing for my Chapter 3 that I have been... crafting until it is perfect (Read: I have been a complete lazy ass and I am putting off writing it at all cost). I only have two sections left so I guess I could put some time towards it this week. I really need to have it turned in for a first review by this Friday. Who wants to hold me accountable? 

In other non-homework/writing related news, I am going to try out this little challenge. I saw it on a blog somewhere in all my hopping around; however, I cannot find it now. So if it was your blog..comment below. The idea take a a picture each day of something that makes your happy & post it via FB, IG, Twitter, or blog.

Day 1: My newest Jamberry Mani :) A cute conversation piece!

Interested in trying them out? Shoot me an email or comment below! 

I am linking up today with 

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Feb 23, 2014

Bridesmaid retirement

I am declaring it official. I am 95% of the way to Bridesmaid retirement. I have fulfilled almost all of my bridesmaid duties as of last evening.  Yesterday was my college bestie, Meredith's bridal shower so it was wedding fun all day long. The shower was nice and I am pretty sure the bride has a wonderful time. My gift was my personal favorite (vain, much?) but I am really into the personalized gifts so this sign that my friend Britten from Two at a Time Design made was perfect! Her work is Ahhhh-mazing, check it out.

Fast forward a few hours after the shower and some clip viewing of Magic Mike

and repeated clip viewing as the Bride's request...

**You're welcome, Meredith

We got the party rolling and hit up a college favorite, the Dallas Bull. Granted it is the new location, not the same as in college (Thank you sweet baby Jesus), it is still guaranteed to be a good time and it did not disappoint.

A big shoutout to Kevin, the limo driver for maneuvering our ride through a McDonalds drive through at the brides request on our way home! 

So all this fun behind me, I am declaring my retirement from participation in wedding parties. I mean, I think I've paid my dues to all that were in my wedding. Quite frankly, I am just too damn old for this. It is hard work being a bridesmaid or MOH. I mean, I can't party and get down like I used too anymore. Have you noticed that with age, recovery time is so much longer? I only had two beers and one shot last night but I just can't stay up late like that anymore.  That and I need another bridesmaid dress like I need another purse. Well.. maybe that is a bad analogy because we all know my purse addiction will never die but you get the point. I am very happy for my friend, Meredith and I look forward to her big day. She will be a stunning bride and she is having a reception that doubles as my retirement party. She is a great friend, huh?! :)

So how many bridesmaid dresses are in your closet???

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Feb 21, 2014


Hey Loves...

Happy Freaking Friday!!!

I am linking up with my girl, Val over at Fabulous Chick Gets Fit (one of my fav. bloggers & extremely motivating) for this Follow Through Friday. It is another source of accountability so get on that train, k?

So this week was actually much better than the past few have been. I have been eating a bit better and trying to maintain clean eating (key word "trying"). I have also been worked like crazy in the boxing gym with my awesome trainer. Lots of speed work and cardio circuits (shoot me now). My legs and my arms are sore sore sore. But it is worth it, right?

So my goal this week is at least 2 personal training sessions, 3 days of solo workouts (dare I try to start up some insanity again??) and back to my fuel & fire meals. I'd also like to really watch my sugar intake. I have cut most of it but that pesky Valentine's heart with the pecan-caramel truffles is lingering and you can't throw that away.

Keep in mind that my goals will definitely start on Sunday because tomorrow night is Bachelorette Party  For my girl, Meredith. We've been friends since college - she was my go-to party pal, and the ultimate partner in crime and she finally found someone who could handle her.   Big plans to be carried out tomorrow.. I am sure that pictures will be involved because I wouldn't be ones of her bestest friends without some awesome blackmail pics. Who am I kidding... bitch could RUIN me.

Well have a lovely weekend, cupcakes. I have to go buy some naughties for the bride-to-be!

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Feb 20, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Link Up

Happy Thursday! I do love me some Throw Back pics so I found a wonderful Link up over at A Thousand Words that I figured would be fun to participate in so lets get started, shall we?

2007 - I got "suckered" into this pup, Princeton by my husband. Seriously, who could every resist that face??

Way back... 1994 @ McLane Junior High: Me and my Bestie. Lord those bangs..

My husband and I when we were still dating at a friends wedding. Awwww... 

Don't forget to link up!

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Hello my name is ...

Who can even remember? My goals for this year were over faster than I would be out of a game of Jeopardy. Well not really over, just ... abandoned? Luckily, I can find them again and attempt to commit?

Work has been kicking my ass. I mean, these kids= cray, their parents = cray, my co-workers = cray. Do you see the pattern? So I have definitely been losing my mind at work. Of course we are entering testing season and if you are in Education it is a fabulous time of the year when lawmakers and people who sit behind a desk in a fancy office make decisions about what is best for education and sadly, they have never been in education so it is a bit of an cunundrum because they just don't get it. But that is for another post. No worries, I will warn you when I unleash that story...

So Gasparilla has come and gone {sad face} and that just sucks. We do have some parading left to do here in Tampa (Google Gasparilla Tampa if you are clueless about what I am talking about). Its beads, booze, boobs (saw my first pair this year; no, not mine) and just a lot of fun. Next up is St. Pat's. Takes debauchery to a whole 'notha level.

Hubby & I getting our pirate on! (ok, me getting my pirate on)

OK, well I am off to work out with Satan my fabulous trainer. I am sure that I won't be able to lift my arms to type when I get home so wish me luck! Need some motivation... think about it like this:

Now get moving :)

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Welcome to those who hopped over from Instagram :)


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