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Sep 20, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

Blog-tember day 20 Guilty Pleasures.

The things that we love secretly but usually bring judgement from other people. I know that I have several that definitely make me seem materialistic but hey, it is a guilty pleasure. #JudgemeIDC

++Purses. I love them all, Big name, no names. All of them. I need them all. Not that I can carry more than one but that is completely not the point of purses.
++Sunglasses. Obsessed with them, even more so now that I am living with this unforgivable Abu Dhabi sun. Brand doesn't matter as long as they are cute, comfortable and keep the sun out of my peepers.
++i-anything. I am a proud Apple fan. I love all of the gadget that they come out with. ++Tervis Tumblers. Best cups in the world. I have a good collection going here since I left almost all of mine in my storage back home.
++Reality T.V. I know it is pointless and mindless but really there isn't much other reason to watch T.V. at least that is how I justify it.
++Haribo Gummy bears. Enough said. I can eat them by the bags.
++Pens. I would be a big fat liar if I didn't put it on here. I love writing pens. I used to have boxes of them but not anymore. Allegedly..
++Make up. Eyeshadows in particular. MAC is my preference because I love the pigmentation. Although I really like it all.
++Coffee. I miss regular coffee as we have instant and nescafe but I will make due. I also have only been to Starbucks a handful of times since moving here because they are not as convenient. I can drink coffee all day, every day. No matter the temperature.
++Brunches. Abu Dhabi brunches in particular. There is nothing like them.

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