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Nov 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends! 
Well you see I have been on a perpetual weekend since October 3 so really today is not like a big end to my week of working because yep, haven't done that since October 3 either. I know, I know what a bad problem to have right? Well I have been working it has either been packing, cleaning, organizing, arranging, throwing crap out or tending to other things that I have needed to get done for a while. But that whole work thing just gets in the way and before you know it, you've spent a month "off work" but working even harder than you would have had you just went ahead and clocked in for the day. Irony at its finest. 

So before we get the weekend started (and I continue said perpetual weekend) here are some of current favorite things:

Yes, crocs. I know they are pretty hideous. Yet, when you have to take four dogs outside every 23 minutes because someone sound the damn alarm there is a squirrel in the yard again they are quite convenient. I also happen to think that they are pretty darn comfy since all flat shoes kill my lower back. So I may be without dignity, but my feet are not swollen or uncomfortable #sorrynotsorry 

I saw this picture while trolling through Pinterest and I was like, "Man, that would be really cool to do someday", hello - that someday is coming pretty damn quickly. Idiot. 

Again, trolling Pinterest on my perpetual holiday and I am having thoughts of printing this e-card to give out while I am in line at stores. I freaking hate when people do that. I mean I would like to run from your wretched breath and most likely screaming child because you've been texting and not paying attention to them on your three hour venture to target and they are now not only tired but hungry as fugg. For the life of me back it up, sista. 

I always love Fall. In Florida, we really don't get much a Fall experience. It is hot, hot, hot, then BAM, 58 degrees, then back to hot. So I have always wanted to live somewhere that I can see the change of leaves, the crisp touch the air and actually have a reason to wear one of my 78 scarves. Yep, Abu Dhabi won't offer any of that. Moving Fail.

What Abu Dhabi will offer is this breath-taking view. I mean while it is a world away, I cannot wait to take in sights like this. Can I puuuuullleaseee get my ticket soon?

However, while I am waiting for said ticket - can someone make this for me? Directions are here.  Isn't that nice, I even provide directions for no additional fee. Friend of the year right here. I love love love the stenciled leaves. Makes me miss my Halloween coffee mug with candy corns that I have glued together at least 3 times and is packed lovingly into my POD that is on its own adventure into the wilds of the Tampa/Pinellas area. 

I have definitely learned this over the past two months. With moving and all that crap you really do find out who your friends are. I have redesigned my time to those who mean the most and those who actually try to connect with me. I spent a lot of time at first trying to make people be happy and accomodate people to meet up, have dinner, drinks, etc. It took one person saying to me, No, those people should be seeking you out - YOU are the one that is moving and has an overflowing plate. She was absolutely correct. It is funny the change of surroundings once I took on this mindset. 

This made me laugh for so many reasons. 
1. that puppy's face is darling. 
2. My dogs, while they have adjusted well to our new co-habitation, do have the tendency to be assholes. I thought this might be a nice alternative to the crate as timeout. 
3. I remembered Princeton, the Sharpei, is 39 pounds. I would need a crane to get him in this. 
4. I laughed because I thought this might be the perfect Christmas present for my hubby!! I'm sure he would not see the amusement. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am working on being more organized with the blog and brainstorming some post. What do you use for inspiration?

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