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Nov 18, 2014

Living Room ideas

If you follow me on Pinterest, you have probably noticed that I added yet another board to my collection. I need that like I need another purse. Well, I do always need another purse... bad comparison. Anywho, I have decided that another way to pass the minutes in the hours is to begin to think about what my new home can look like. Think about it, when you finally move out of the parents house you usually take some stuff with you and buy new stuff, yet you are still usually building around your old belongings. So this is seriously a fresh start. Since I have been out of my parents house for some time now, 12 years to be exact, styles have changes, tastes have evolved but let us be serious for a minute, furnishing a home is NOT cheap by any stretch of the word. So it is hard to begin a new vision when you have perfectly good items already. Unless you decide to move 8,000 miles away and you sell all of your furniture and are only going with clothing! So more of a silver lining for me.  Here are some of my ideas so far:

I am obsessed with the gray, teal, purple combo. Clearly, I will not be painting any walls so we will deal with light colored walls. I am definitely on team gray couch with the color accents. I think it will be so pretty. I am also a fan of black and white pictures so I think that black and gray frames with maybe a teal or two thrown in for good measure will be fantastic. I am unsure as to have this color scheme follow into the bedroom or maybe do the bedroom differently. What are your thoughts?

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