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Dec 29, 2013

Did ya miss me?!

Ok, so before I am judged for being completely MIA... I'm Sorry!! Who missed me??  

So in the last month (the shame!) tons has happened and the holiday completely kicked my arse! I have been so dang busy with work, school, shopping, trying to gym it.. but I am sure most of you have as well so let's just forgive, forget & move on shall we?

Well, I am not going to pack everything in to a crazy-long recaps because #aintnoonegottimefordat and that would be hella long. So here it is...

Thanksgiving = Excellent as usual
Black Friday = Absolute Chaos as always! A yearly tradition that keeps getting better and better.
Thanksgiving Break = non-existent because you spend all week getting ready to Thanksgiving, then here it is, then Black Friday and then..back to work on Monday.

December - A blur.. a complete and udder blur.
Cookie Party = I am sure I gained about 12 pounds, but damn those cookies were all slammin!
Praying for Winter Break = Every.Damn. Day. Those kids were OUT OF CONTROL. I mean it was Friday the 13th & a Full Moon & the week before break all on the same day. Thanks for that...

So here we are on Christmas Break (yeah, its not PC but whatevs) and I am loving life. I feel relaxed and focused on me again. Working in a high school can really take its toll sometimes. But I have some fabulous blog post coming this week that will kinda recaps some of the bigger things with pics and such (I love a good picture blog) and some new ventures that I am all up in. Hello Jamberry Nails!!  Haven't heard of it... Go take a look - you won't be sorry! I will be posting up a separate blog telling you all about these. You can even have a virtual party (thank FB or Instagram, or even Twitter)


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