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Nov 12, 2014

Dreams and VPN's

Confession: Last night was the first night that I dreamed of finally boarding my plane and making it to Abu Dhabi. I am kind of surprised that my overworked mind had not played this scenario out prior to now. I am actually pretty proud of the fact that I haven't gone in to full-blown, ugly cry freak out yet. But then again, that just isn't me. I am so thankful for this opportunity. I know that many cannot even fathom doing something as big as this. I think it is such an amazing gateway to such bigger things. I cannot wait to experience the culture and the lifestyle differences. Oh hey, tangent.. let's re-rail this post, shall we. 

In my dream, Abu Dhabi is horrible. I landed in the middle of the desert with nothing in sight and no idea of what I was supposed to do. I was all alone with no one. It was like I was transported to the middle of the desert and just kind of left. Obvi that is not going to happen because we will land at an actual airport. Much to my dismay in said dream, I had also forgotten to download the VPN on my laptop. The things that take priority in my little life, right? Nevermind that I didn't have directions, suitcases, or a place to live but sonofa if I didn't forget to download the VPN before leaving. I remember in my dream being very mad at myself. So I guess I will put that on my short list of BIG things to do. I am sure that this dream is a spin off effect from the placement news I received the other day about my school. I will be in an all girls High School in Abu Dhabi City. I am so thrilled with my placement that I cannot even begin to say. I definitely hoped to be placed near the city and I am happy with high school since it is what I am used to now after being in high school the last four years. 

**email check break** As per usual, SQUIRREL!! I was writing then got a notification from my email that has a special tone for important emails, like from my rep. that is in charge of my visa. Yep, well that went off, my heart dropped as usual and there is was. I had passed security and I am just waiting on my visa. My proposed leave date is two weeks, if not sooner. Right, smack dab during the middle of Thanksgiving week. That should go over like a fart in a space suit with my mom. Can't wait to break this news... oh wait, yes I can! 

So two weeks -- what would you do in the last two weeks before you left the country? I guess this calls for a list.  I am going to jam out and link out with Helene for the #SOTWW. Have I mentioned that I love her blog? Please do yourself a favor & check that business out. I have a list to make. I'll be jamming to one of my favorites..

Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips on Grooveshark

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