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Feb 28, 2016

Writing what matters

Here we are and the blog has fallen silent. I have toyed with the idea of just throwing the towel in and not writing anymore because honestly, I am just not that interesting. I know that I do have some fun things that happen in my life but I don't find my life particularly exciting, or more interesting than others. Let's be real for a second, you have to write things that matter for people to read. Who the hell cares what I am writing about? Do I really have anything to say or am I just rambling over here? My original blog said that this was the mindless ramblings of a 30-something so I guess I did give a warning. I have since removed that caution statement in lieu of a "cutesy" blog design so I guess any new readers could be blindsided by my sometimes (all the time) off the wall and directionless writing.  I am at a crossroads with the blog...

I think that I am going to keep going and not just abandon it entirely. I had to go back to the beginning of why I originally started; I did so to keep a journal of sorts so I had my life somewhere so when I am old and gray, or older and reddish-brown as of late, that I could remember some of the things in my life. The fun, the quirky, the sad, the anxieties, the joys, the sorrows, and all the little pieces in between. I have read on multiple blogs that you have to write what matters, what is important. I have to ask, what is important to whom? What matters to whom? I think I have been hard on myself for no reason. I like glitter, I like posting my favorite things on Friday, I love posting pictures of travel and my favorite make ups. That is what I like and what is important to me. I like to connect with people who are like minded and that I have a similar interest in things that I enjoy. So that is why that while it might not be the best blog, it might not win awards or show up in the top feeds of Bloglovin, but it is mine. I may go months without updating - we all know I am good for that. Yet I am happy to say this will always be my place.  I am definitely not a quitter and besides, my blog design is just too cute to leave behind.

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