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Apr 22, 2014

Favorite Friend Pins Volume 1

There is no denying my undying love for the blackhole, waste of all productive time that we know as Pinterest. So happy Tuesday, here are my favorite pins this week that my awesome friends and followers send me.

Mama loves to coupon. I was stoked to see someone proclaiming they can do that shit in 20 minutes or less. I must read more into this method. I shall report back, read: thanks for the future blog post! 

Hence the name, Sparkles. And since you asked, no I have not been sweating nor sparkling lately.
Move along folks, nothing to see here. But I do need this tank.

This made me laugh. I mean, here I am almost 3 college degrees strong but you can bet your ass I can't get the straw in a capri sun without either the bag exploding or stabbing my hand. There has to be a better way, seriously.


Yeah, I was sleeping until some jerkface woke me up. Thanks asshole.

Stop what you are doing and make this. AHHHHH-Mazing.

And because Pinterest has the best mean girl e-cards...

Screw 'em if they can't take a joke! 

Apr 21, 2014

So Fresh & So Clean

For starters.. feast your eyes on my new fresh blog design. So.Freaking.Cute! I am very grateful to Hubby jack Blog Design for kicking this up a notch. I am super happy with the results. So if you need work (sometimes some reflection is key here, folks) on your bloggy blog - go, go, go.

Anywhos.. so I have sat down to write this topic or that a few times and I have really been draggin my feet (mainly because I really wanted my new design up) but I also seem to have a severe case of ADD lately in regards to staying on a topic or even focused. I think its time to get organized if I really want this blog to be the best it can be. Hell, it might be nice if people read it as well.

So I took some advice from Bre over at Peacoats and Plaid as she is one of my favorite reads. Her time management series through her Intentional Life Project is definitely one for the bookmarks as I found myself doing many of the things listed. I get on the computers ready to write.. "hold on, let me check my email really quick".."oh, I forgot I wanted to look up that recipe on Pinterest".. and my creative focus is out the damn door.

So a system in place, a routine for when I get on the computer and what I am using the time for. Hell, setting office hours. Since I run a few "on the side" jobs from Facebook & over various social medias, this is vital to me. I am selling Jamberry Nails, I am dabbling in itWorks, and I also do photography so I have a lot going on and I am 100 miles an hour, nevermind that little thing called a full-time jobby job and this #$%^ dissertation #killme.  So pumpkins, if you find yourself in these struggles, which I hope you don't, but if you are saying "Yep, sounds like me", move yourself on over, take some notes and lets get organized together shall we?

I found some uber cute FREE blog organization printables from Simply Organized. I am all about Free and Cute - this is the motherload.  Here is a sample; there really is something for everyone.

So I would love to hear how you organize. What do you use? Any special shortcuts that make your blogging life easier?

I am linking up with Meg at Life of Meg for 

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Apr 11, 2014

Crap & Crocs

So it is the day before my penance is paid to all I owe. One of my BFF's gets married tomorrow aka My bridal party retirement!

Yes, I am just as excited for the wedding as I am the retirement! Being in weddings is an honor, but I am ready to sit on the sidelines and just watch. I do love being a spectator.

This week definitely got away from me... I came home Wednesday with such grand plans on what I was going to do and prep all my crap for this weekend. Well, speaking of crap - the toilet in the master bath overflowed all day apparently so I walked into my room with full intentions of going to boxing and I was welcomed by crap water everywhere. So. Foul.

However, I was never more thankful that I bought my crocs. Yeah, they are a fashion no no, but I don't care. They kept my feet dry and out of that awfulness.

Other than this crap-tastic event - I have just been full steam on dissertation and trying to make it through the end of the school year. I was standing in lunch duty yesterday (3 hours everyday..don't get me started) and I was trying to come up with blogging topics that are funny, yet meaningful when the lightning bolt hit me. I have ALWAYS been told that I should write a book about my teaching experiences. I have always said well yeah, maybe someday, read: who the hell has time for that?. Well, I decided I am going to do a teaching story once a week. I have 8 years worth of stories and I already know which ones will be #1 and #2. I am still trying to come up with a good name for this series. Any thoughts? Feel free to comment below! 

Well I guess I better go get my crap (no pun intended) together for this weekend. Thank goodness I took today off otherwise, I would be completely screwed time wise. So have a wonderful weekend loves! 

Might as well start 

In tribute to the bride, of course :)

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Apr 7, 2014

10 Reasons I love Blogging

Today as I am browsing my feed via Bloglovin, I saw that Endlessly Beloved is hosting a great little link up about Blogging. It definitely jumped out at me because since I am still in rookie phase, I have lots to say about blogging and what it is doing and what I project it can do for me. So here it is.. my 10 favorite things about blogging.
1. An outlet. Blogging has provided me such an avenue to say the outlandish things that pop into my head. Being in a professional position within education, I am holding my tongue on the regular. All day, every day. Yet, I can come home and write to my hearts content even though I have to keep it vague but it really allows me to get things out there and frankly, just laugh at it. Most people think what educators do is a breeze but then they hear my stories. Honey, I can't make this stuff up!

2. Great People. I have stumbled upon some amazing, fun, witty, and down-right good people via blogging. Granted I have never had a face to face but there are some cool chicks out there and usually, they are always great for a laugh.

3. Endless inspiration. from writing, to crafting, to just reading some through provoking post. Blogs really give some excellent inspiration in all facets of life.

4. I love to see pictures. I like to see different places, outfits, creation, ideas, trips, etc. So when I find a blog, I automatically look for pictures. I love that people feel so open to share different things because otherwise many of the treasures out there I would never have the opportunity to experience.

5. Connection. There are so many people out there that are just like you. Blogging has given me a space to find these people that I might not have the chance to meet. Geographically there are great people everywhere and blogging is a huge avenue to explore that.

6. Social Media. I am an avid user and lover of social media and blogging just fits right in. I remember seeing a status update on Facebook "Your status shouldn't be a mini-blog" and I thought damn, isn't that the truth. Hence the start of this blogging journey.

7. Accountability. I find that if I am writing about my goals (I haven't cut my hair yet this year!!) or weight loss {move along.. nothing to see here..} I find that I feel compelled to be honest and truthful when sharing. So what I haven't lost weight, or maybe I want to share that I kicked booty in the gym this week. It keeps me on track, for the most part, and I am not flooding my Facebook.

8. It is mine. Okay, maybe that seems a bit trite but I like that I can control the look, design, feel, content, and sharing of this little space in the blogosphere.

9. Writing for fun. I am an Ed.D. student so this definitely gives me an avenue to write for fun. Maybe ramble... we will go with write ;)

10. So much out there. If you need it, there is a blog about it. It is like Google, but better!

Make sure you link up!! I cannot wait to read your 10 reasons you love blogging!

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Apr 6, 2014

How important is etiquette?

Hello cupcakes.. Can you tell that I am on my no cards/sugar kick? I could do bad things with some Crumbs cupcakes right now..

Anyways, Some recent events have made me have this thought about the notion of etiquette and the weight that they carry. Granted, I work in a school with almost 2,000 high school student so etiquette is merely an word and manners, well those are an anomaly. But I ask, when did manners fall to the wayside?

 I will fess up, I do not have perfect table manners by any stretch of the imagination. My elbows can sometimes be found on the table (other than when I am at that Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios in Disney; a quaint little 50's diner that is completely retro - if you haven't been take a look here for more) but I have a pretty good understanding of how one should compose themselves when in public dining or even just in professional and casual situations. The epidemic of inadequate, lousy or unaccounted for manners is multiplying at a lightening fast rate. This wide-spread lack of manners is not only centered around today's youth but around the adults in society. We have become a society that is NOW! No excuse me, No holding doors. It is a "every man and woman for themselves" mentality.

However, is this now, Now, NOW mentality to blame for the lack of etiquette or manners? Or can people just not be bothered with the pleasantries anymore? Yes, there are times I am only polite because I was taught to be. Are there times I want to be a rude bitch because I feel like the person (Hello 16 year old hostess at restaurant, roll your eyes at me one more time..) deserves what they are dishing? Of course, but for the most part I have to keep the cray cray on the low because bottom line, I was just taught to act better than that.

So in the lunchroom, I make the kids say "May I please have a library pass" rather than "Library pass?". I catch flack from my colleagues because "it is really not a big deal". I beg to differ. These are high school students, they should (and probably do) know better. But when I afford them the opportunity to not even be pleasant or address me at all (I don't answer to Ms. either) I am feel that I am doing them a complete injustice by perpetuating this half-ass acceptance of their non existent manners. What is comical, the kids at first got very huffy about it, "Well then I just won't go to the library!!" and they would stop away (high schoolers, mind you).  Well please don't hurt my feelings! I didn't bend, even though several people I work with wanted me to as I was clearly discouraging reading. I stood firm, they are not going to the library to read - they are going to text or play some game on the computer.  Nowadays you can find my high schoolers in a straight line, asking the correct way for a pass to the media center and even saying Thank you! I even get asked how I am doing while I am shuffling through the library passes! So they can speak, address whomever they are around, AND use manners. I win!

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Apr 1, 2014

Giveaway Time!

Happy April Fools Day, but there will be no trickery here! Only a fabulous sponsor giveaway with my self and another lovely over at House of French so be sure to enter!! And if you're a good friend, you will share with your friends...just sayin.

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