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Nov 22, 2014

Fashionably Late

As many times as I wrote this post in my head yesterday, it just never made to the keyboard. You know you love me <3

// Can we talk about the fact that almost everyone in my group got their plane ticket on Thursday.... except me and a few other ladies. I have really tried to be positive, upbeat, but that was like getting kicked. I am happy for my groupies that have their ticket {maybe a little sideeye going on here} but I wanna travel with them. So here is to hoping that I get my ticket on Sunday or Monday or Tuesday. I am flexible like that. I will say that this happening has mde me extremely anxious and everytime I hear my mail chime on my iPhone I practically jump out of my skin. Lucky for me, I set a special tone to that email so now no more running to the phone. Who am I kidding, I am carrying my phone around with me like a newborn...

//Did I mention that the leave date on those gorgeous tickets is Thanksgiving Day?! God has a funny way of keeping me from all that glorious food that I really shouldn't consume in mass quantities. He is a real jokester, he is.

//All I can do is dream about emails.

//All I can do is dream that I get emails that say the plane is full and I have to wait longer.

//At least I am {restlessly} sleeping, right?

My brain sounds like an awesome place to be right now, doesn't it? I am kind of disappointed with myself because I have no been a spazz this entire process and now I am entering looney bin world. I pride myself on not being an anxious person and being pretty chill but yesterday was horrible. I felt anxious, sick, depressed, tired, and just blah. I know this process is like this and I felt pretty well prepared to take it on so maybe I am just being too hard on myself for one bad day. I am determined to not do any repeats of that...because honestly, that just sucked.

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