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Jul 30, 2014

Product of the 80's

Hooray for Wednesday! Hooray for only one more work day! I look forward to Weds. {obvi} because during summer the week ends on Thursday, as it should every single week. I mean is it really necessary to work 5 eight hour days? How about we go to 4 eight hour days and call it a work week, shall we? Well, technically they are 10 hour work days. Psshhh, okay.  I digress. So yes, a little extra pep in my step this morning. So since it is best day of the week #1 followed closely by Friday and Saturday - best days #2 and #3 respectively, let's hop around some bloggy blogs, do some confessin' and spill what you're loving right now. Oh yea, and make some friends.

I confess that I am pretty irritated with the fact that I cannot get to Vodka and Soda's blog at work. If I want to read on my lunch, I should be able too. This stupid #$%^& web-blocker. I mean our tech has this on lockdown mode for real... absolutely ridiculous.

I confess that I am JAMMING out to an amazing array of the 80's on Songza this morning. Currently we (Trina and I) are singing along to "What a Feeling" ....and you hear the office doors begin to close. Okay, maybe I didn't warm up my singing voice this am. My Bad.

I confess that this summer went by WAY to quick and I did not get to finish a lot of my bucket list. I guess maybe I should have called it the F - it list.

I confess that I am OBSESSED with my EC planners. Yeah, that is plural - teacher one and personal one. #dontjudgeme

I confess that I was super excited about my Samsung 5s but I MISS my iPhone. I refuse to say that it is too technologically advanced for me, but I do miss the simplicity of the iPhone. Guess I'll have to get the new iPhone 6. Oh damn...

I confess that I am LOVING my new short hair! Yes, I know I committed to not cutting it this year, but it was looking kind of ratty and it wasn't very healthy. I made it seven months, it was almost to the middle of my back. Sad face... but it is so much easier.

I confess also that I love headbands - a cutesy twist & a great cover for hair that is unruly. P.S. Does anyone know of any good headbands for working out that don't slip off? All that I have bought are a  #fail.

I confess that I am LOVING  Orange Theory Fitness. It is kind of sick in a way because I know I am going to go in, feel like I'm gonna be sick but it is nice to be pushed and motivated. AND complete the workout, even when I was totally ready to walk out. Good burn last night = a little over 500 calories. #win

Oh.. Madonna just came on - I confess I am gonna go dance around the office. Don't forget to link up!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Jul 29, 2014


 Well look what the cat dragged in...

So I took some time off from blogging because I just felt like I didn't have a whole lot to say. I love doing the link ups, the giveaways, but sometimes it just feels so redundant. Besides, who wants to read that over and over and over? Although, I am loving the blog hop "Let's be friends" {see the button at the bottom of this post to join}.

So this summer I picked up mya summer gig working summer school. I was blessed enough to go back to my former school and work with kids who were actually there when I was. I say I was blessed with this opportunity for a few reasons. The major thing for me was reconnecting with why I do what I do. I needed to see why I began this adventure 10 years ago!! I cannot believe that I am getting ready to start my 10 year in education. I will NEVER forget my first time in the classroom; I was absolutely petrified. However, this job that I "thought would be cool" has turned into a career. While at summer school, I reconnected with many former people and I do miss them. However, in the broader scheme of things - I reconnected with the kids. They reminded me that I do serve a purpose, help provide a drive, and a motivation to some of these kids (and teachers!). I want to help these kids realize that while school can definitely suck, it is such a necessity for their life. While I definitely am in favor of bringing in more technical programs for students, it is just important to get them to attend and actually do the work.  It was a nice reality switch for me. I feel rejuvenated and looking forward to the new year.

Speaking of the new year (or new school year) I think I am going to start a link up for Tuesday just for Teachers… stayed tuned! I think that it is going to be a great way for teachers to share some of the happenings in their classes because honestly—you can’t make some of this stuff up!

So to those who are still around, thanks for staying…but could you clean up the dust bunnies?

So while I was surfing around on my hiatus, I found this fabulous little link up. I have found some really great blogs out there by going through this link up so I encourage you to do so as well! Here's to being back!

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