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Apr 25, 2016

I'd title this 'Weekending' but...

I guess it is a bit difficult to categorize this post as 'weekending' when really its more like 'in the last month and a half' plus my weekend was a bit on the lack luster side of the coin. A lot of things going on and keeping me busy but I figured since I have plenty of time right now I might as well get back to writing a bit.

So what is new? Well, I can't say a whole heck of a lot. We had Spring Break here in the UAE a few weeks ago and I cannot even explain how much that break was needed. I would usually say it was desperately needed but that does not even touch the emphasis that is required. This spring break, unlike last year when we jetting off to Thailand, we decided to stay home. Not necessarily a staycation but more of a we really don't need to go and spend a lot of cash. We had a really busy, see also: expensive, last few months so we are trying to get back in shape financially. Yes, before I hear everyone start with the 'but you make so much more' hear me out. Surprisingly enough, like the USA, money here does not grow on trees and it almost feels like it is spent before it pings into the bank account. A state of the finances check was humbling as we were beginning to fall into the expat way of life and eat out too much, spend money on things that we will just have to sell when we leave, and this goes against everything that we are here for. So it was time to get it all in line.

So to our staycation, we really didn't do much over the Spring Break because your girl has just been exhausted. We did get to check out Kite Beach in Dubai and it was really beautiful.

The Burj Al Arab from Kite Beach at sunset in Dubai, UAE. This is by far my most favorite picture I've taken.

I am not a beach girl; I don't like the sand or the water but I really enjoyed our walk down the cushioned walkway of the beach. Yes, cushioned. #BecauseDubai

On the cushioned walk way with the Burj Al Arab in the far background

We were able to eat at a little place called SALT which I found on Instagram and I've been wanting to try it out. Social media here in the UAE really does lend it self to attracting a lot of business for small places such as this. They now have at least two locations and they were packed! It is a burger and fry place on the beach. Pretty clever.

The JalapeƱo fries = Excellent 

After we ate, we settled in for the sunset and in true Middle East fashion, the sunset never disappoints. The colors are nothing short of magical. 

*I know this pic is extra dark and not good light but I like it

*insert heart-eyed emoji here

I just can't get over the colors. And these photos are not color enhanced in any way!

Aside from amazing sunsets, work has been cray but in a good way. I finally feel like I have a clue of what is going on and what should be going on since I lived this part of the year last year. We are sprinting towards the finish line with our school year since our grade 12 girls begin exams soon, then Ramadan starts, then grade 10 and 11 exams begin and then we are finished. We also go to reduced hours during Ramadan. I ain't mad.

Currently my hubs is back in the good ole U.S of A with his family. It is really different being here alone again. I will admit I love the quiet and I like being by myself but for small amounts of hours at a time. This is a 6 week stretch! When I first arrived I was solo for roughly the same amount of time. This time is so much better because I have the dog pound, currently known as #TeamAHole, with me. They have affectionately been dubbed #TeamAhole because they have been just that. Vera is having a hard time understanding where her human is, they bark down the hall (freaks me the hell out) and they just generally do jerk off things. The worst is on the weekends. I am so used to having hubs here to take them out so I can sort of sleep in but I am hopeful we will get passed 6:30am this weekend. They are lucky they're cute.

So that is what is going on over in my little corner of the world. Just me and my Netflix/Hulu....and, of course, #TeamAHole


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