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Jun 17, 2014

Summer Link up

Oh HEY!!

Summer Break is the best.time.ever. Yeah I know.. most of y'all are working and I'm over here just wanting to work on my tan ...

I wanted to do this great little link up that I came across this morning as I was sipping my coffee and planning my post for the week. No worries, the winner of the giveaway will be announced later today in a different post. Yep, I'm gonna make ya wait - but hey, you're blog will get a shout out later. #winning in more ways than one!

Don't forget to check out Amy @ The Crazy Wise Woman. I just found her blog and I'm loving it so before to send some love and of course, link up!

The one thing I am most looking forward to this summer is getting this arse back to the gym and on a plan that I let go the last few months of school. Today is my first day of 21 days of no cheating. Look for that post later today ;)

The most annoying person I know is I don't know if I have any annoying people in my life currently. I just kinda phase them out because I have no time for people who piss me off.

I would like to meet people for a healthy lunch, or perhaps a gym session...volunteers? 

After a long day, there is nothing better than peace and quiet, a tanning session & then putting some comfy clothes on.

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear was none! I've been fortunate in the work uniform department. I mean I rocked the shit out of that Walmart vest back in the day.

When I hear my alarm clock go off, I find that ol' snooze button. However, for this week and next - ain't no alarm bustin' up my sleep!

My favorite form of summer exercise is I would say none because that is where I am most comfortable, but I do love some boxing and I am excited to be going back now that I am all healed and ready to kick some ass.

When the ice cream truck comes I always ask for the screwball! 

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is probably my bathing suit cover up & bathing suit. I bought it before our honeymoon - 7 years strong! 

My favorite summer outdoor activity is swimming. It is too damn hot to just sit outside and feel like you're suffocating.

My favorite thing to grill is I don't grill. You see a frog has taken up residence somewhere in the area of the grill; therefore putting said grill in my off limits zone. But my hubby makes awesome burgers and hotdogs; I love both equally.

The worst summer date/romance I had was a blind date I went on with this guy I met online. (Don't judge me). He was smart, funny, and extremely good looking. However, he was a total ass and rude to the waitress which being a bartender/waitress at the time I was not having. I got up in the middle of the meal and said - you're a real asshole and I can't be seen with someone as rude and demeaning as you. Followed by the epic walk out of the restaurant leaving him at the table. 

My favorite summer drink is either a frozen margarita or a corona with lime...yumm!!!  I will be subbing water with lime over the next 21 days and pretending it is a fabulous corona.

There are times when I just wish summer would ease up on the freaking heat. I mean I get summer, heat, sun..but hell.. 98 degrees + 1,000 humidity... #calmthefuckdown 

The best song on the radio right now is Iggy's Fancy

Jimmy Buffett supplies fabulous karaoke for summer time.

My best summer vacation ever was  when my husband and I went to Key West for almost a week. It was hot as hell but we had a blast ride around the island on mopeds.

After I’m done reading/commenting here I am going to plan some more blog post and clean meals for the week and start drinking this water... ughh..

It's not summer until I see someone complain that they can't wait to send their kids back to school (which happened about 12 hours into summer, day 1) :)

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