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Jun 23, 2014

Bucket List Check in

Time for the fuc bucket list check in. Y'all know I have to hold myself somewhat accountable. So let's see...
I can check off:
--relaxing (see: being a lazy ass)
-- organizing my closet (what a freaking nightmare that was). I totally Roy Gee Biv'ed it. It is pretty amazing now.
--saved a little $$ which I am sure will be spent here in the next few weeks, but I didn't put a time frame  that it needed to be saved for..hahaha.

--I went to Epcot this past Friday with my hubs for a few hours. It was pretty out, and not really busy. Just a lot of those Tourist groups with the hyper-colored shirts and those damn flags.

--I got my colorful highlights put in my hair; pink, purple, blue, and green. Very Mermaid hair. Very Fetch.

Mediocre Progress on working out 4 days a week. I biked a little over 6 miles on Friday with my hubs. Forgot to turn on that damn app at the beginning and almost crashed trying to turn it on and ride. So graceful, I am. Then I went to a personal training session on Saturday Morning that turned out to be a boot camp class and I am pretty sure I died. Twice. It was hard as fugggggg. I am so sore today that I could barely walk and my core is screaming whenever I am sitting down. It is a lose-lost situation I tell ya. However, it is the motivation that I need to get my ass back on schedule and not have this happen.

-- I organized my coupons tonight and made Target my bitch today. Steal my debit card # will you...

I also took a position running a summer school program that starts next week so I only have this week left of my summer. What the hell was I thinking?! I was thinking #showmethemoney.

Oh yes, and one thing that wasn't on the bucket list but I decided I really did want to do it.. a cute little nose ring :) I love it and surprisingly - it didn't hurt at all!

How are you doing on your bucket list? Any good reads you can suggest? I get no cell service at the school where I will be working and I will basically just sit and monitor so I will need something to keep me from going completely nuts.

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