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Jun 1, 2014

Sleep: Just another mirage

Ever just want something so badly that you could feel it? Taste it? Could almost extend your hand out and touch it but it was just out of reach? Yes, that is what is happening currently up in this house. I just want to grab some sleep. My body clearly has other plans. I am wide awake but tired, yet my brain is working overtime. Mainly on what can I focus my blogging energy on?

I am trying to be more focused on what I would like to write about rather than just constant "Here is what I did" and "here is where I went". That is a nice touch now and then, but really... not an everyday read.

So another piece of this sleep mirage... this is the weekend going into the last week of school. Sweet baby Jesus we are almost there!! I am beyond excited because these kids, teachers, parents, etc. have been out of control. As previously written, May is definitely hell month. We ended May with graduation this past Thursday and it went well. As few slip ups but nothing that we couldn't handle. It is such an exciting event to see students who have made it through ups and downs in the four years we have them.

So as I sit here at 2a.m. I notice that it is not exactly 100% quiet. The Nutri-Bullet infomercial playing in the background because I am took lazy to get up to change the channel...but I hear something else. Now granted hubs is out of town so I swear I am hearing every.damn.noise in this house. But this noise is a welcomed one. Honestly, it makes me smile.

There is no mirage of sleep for these furbabies. They played hard last evening, as you can see by the toys. The littlest one (top left) cracks me up; she drags a towel everywhere and when she wants to lay down, she just does.  None of them will lay on the tile. #Spoiled

Well back to listening to the "kids" snores....and hopefully my own soon. 

Happy June!

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