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Jun 9, 2014

Tablescapes and a giveaway!

A few years ago I really got into decorating my tables for the different holidays. I was definitely inspired by a crafty friend, Rachel, who I am pretty sure can do anything with a box of random crafting supplies and turn it in to something magical. Me on the other hand, well get a mental pic of my teacher bulletin boards that translate that to my tables. Viola! My love of tablescapes is born. I love to decorate for holidays (personal favorite is Halloween) and I always wanted a house with a foyer and a large dining room table. So when both of those things came true...ahhh, decorating bliss.

Anyways,  I was skimming through my Facebook feed a few weeks back and I see an advertisement for these absolutely adorable banners (did I mention I am obsessed with banners?!). I am pretty sure I need every single one of them but I am trying to stay within my year of need as my friends have dubbed 2014 (thats a whole other blog post, friends) so one I figured would suffice {for now}. Well the fabulous peeps over at Green Jazz Face sent me a banner to help aid in my tablescaping obsession for July 4th. A vintage-inspired red, white, and blue banner. It is perfect and fits my decor!! Can I just say I LOVE it!  So cute, glittery, and I didn't have to make it. Score.

Such a great quality and really vibrant colors!

The whole look :)

They have some fantastic banners for several occasions. Might I suggest the one that says "Let's get shipped faced". It made me think of Gasparilla & we all know I adore being a pirate on the weekends!!

So here is the best part of this post - a fantastic giveaway!! Not only can you win your choice of a customized banner from Green Jazz Face but you can also win a sheet of Jamberry Nails from yours truly and a $10 gift certificate to TPT from Lindsay over at Just Keep Teaching! Now for those of you that may not be teachers - never fear. Give that TPT gift certificate to your kiddos favorite teacher or to a friend who might be a teacher and you will score major brownie points. So don't forget to enter to win below through the Rafflecopter.

You'll have a fabulous banner, pretty nails, and some lesson plans. #winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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