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Jun 1, 2014

My Favs right now

No rain drops on roses here but this is a post of my favorite things. Granted, these favorite things really do change about every other week but for now - this is what I am loving right now.

I am a Tervis fool. I have so many in my ever growing collection that I can't keep up with which ones I have and which ones I still NEED {want, whatever}. This one is a definite favorite because I do love owls and I love all of the colors. I also give props to that trusty lid so I don't spill any of my big girl kool-aid during pool days with my girls.

While I have always been a make up connoisseur, I tend to stay with my name brands. Perhaps because I am a make up snob, but mostly because I have super sensitive skin which is usually pretty clear and lets be real, I don't wanna eff up a good thing. This Wet & Wild $1.99 Mega Last lip color in Pink Suga is the bomb diggity. 

Candles - another obsession of mine. I need candles like I need more holes in my head.  But this candle is AHHH-Mazing. It brings the beach right up in the house and all that is missing is the cabana boy. Bath & Body works for the win.

I have avoided these Naked Palettes for as long as possible. Again, the allure of sparkly, pigmented eyeshadow up for this make up fein was just too much to put off any longer. I do like this palette, but I am still figuring out how to apply so I don't look like I've went three rounds in the boxing ring. It has potential though.. stay tuned.

I blogged this before when I was giving it a test run, but YNAB is the absolute best thing that I have invested in. I have tried everything to keep our money flowing under control but this is the only program that I have found that I can work with and live within. If you are looking to get ahead and see where all that cash flow is going - get yourself a free trial  

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