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May 14, 2014

May = Hell Month

I'm just gonna jump right on back in like I haven't been missing for almost a month and we are just gonna pretend like it didn't happen ...move along, nothing to ask questions about here. So are you a teacher or administrator? Well I am. While everyone lovingly calls May the month that signals the end of school is near & you get to have a fabulous vacation (that is a whole other post), I have lovingly termed it as Effing Hell Month. I may as well bring a cot and an easy up and live at that school because that is how much I am there this month. While I enjoy the fanfare of getting the seniors ready for their glorious walk across the stage (I wish some of them would RUN) and I love seeing their pretty faces dressed up for prom and awards ceremonies that take up every smidgen of personal time I have, this month just about kills me. It literally sucks the life out of me and I virtually disappear from everything. I'm surprised that posters are not hung with my picture. I feel like a damn zombie.

So for my friends and family who are enduring another hell month with me... I love and miss each of you. For my readers - thanks for staying loyal and patient.

19 school days left. Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!!????

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