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Dec 20, 2014

My blog is growing up!

It is a milestone here at Just Call Me Sparkles...

So many people do lots of prep and have a great post all planned for the milestone that their baby blog will achieve, but not I. No, that would require planning on my part and these days .. I'm all Inshallah up in here. Inshallah for those scratching their heads pretty much translates to "God Willing". As my good friend Martin said the other day, "I'm about over Inshallah". Here in Abu Dhai it is used for everything, I relate it to hopefully back in the states. For example:

"We will get the plan for the testing done, Inshallah."
"I hope you have a great semester break, Inshallah."
and my least favorite way it has been used thus far: 
"When you get your first paycheck Inshallah."....... Wait, what?

I've also learned that inshallah can be used to describe ones state of mind, like mine currently.. its pretty much a "whatever" state of mind. Not bad, not over the top great..just okay :)

Now that lesson is over with, lets talk about What is next here on Just Call Me Sparkles. I am really trying to get some good content up and stop beating y'all with Abu Dhabi this...and Abu Dhabi that. I know you are probably tired of reading about it (even though my stats say differently). I am going to focus on some interesting post, maybe not so journal-y post. But then again, sometimes you have to go with what you know and this blog has definitely given me an outlet that I enjoy writing to share adventures and different things going on in my life. So thanks for continuing to read and keep up with me. 

I do have to admit, that I make no promises to:
1. Stop talking about Abu Dhabi (inshallah...see what I did there..ha!)
2. Stop posting journal-like post. I can't help that I am interesting.
3. Stop using profanity in my post. Sorry - this is not always for the faint of heart. And that is just me. Plus did you know that you are not supposed to curse here? Do you know how hard that has been?
4. Stop with the tangents - see #3

What I would like to accomplish here:
1. Continue to grow!
2. Continue to amuse my readers with my sometimes snarky content.
3. Share this crazy adventure I am on.

I'm now going to go cruising around in my roller skate to prepare for my next big move.. to my new apartment! More on that reveal later :)


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