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Dec 10, 2014

You don't know what you have until it is gone.


If there was ever a YouTube video that summed up my life this is definitely it. If you didn't watch it yet, turn on your volume and hit play. 

I can relate on every level. 

Moving to Abu Dhabi I knew that there would be things I would miss like crazy. I am not talking about my husband, family or friends. I am being materialistic, snobby, and just downright needy. The level of missing things is not even really describable for these:

1. My Electrolux Front Load Washer & Dryer - I never thought I would say it, but I cannot even put into words how I miss being able to do a load of "Ahhh shit I need that" laundry in 36 minutes. This washer/dryer combo I am listening to clang around has been going for 4 hours. And no, the clothes (which are only unmentionables) are STILL not dry. Thank god for the drying rack in the bathroom.

2. My Car...dear god, my car. I have had to give every cabbie directions when I get in the cab since I have gotten here with the exception of today's gentleman who has been here for 6 years and those who are just taking me the 1.1 mile up the street to the mall. Go ahead and judge me for taking a cab 1.1 mile. I double dog dare you to want to cross the roads by foot. 

3. High Speed internet -This is like low-speed a notch above dial up. I mean it works, but dang it is slow. 

4. Real breakfast food - I miss bacon, and biscuits, and turkey sausage, and just food you should eat for breakfast. I mean they have a free breakfast here consisting of chicken wings, penne pasta, lo-mein noodles, chickpeas, pizza, and usually lots of desserts. Oh yes, and lets not forget the onion rings or egg rolls. What does a girl have to do to get some grits? A waffle? 

5. Addresses - Abu Dhabi is an up and coming big city. Some streets are very New York looking and the everything is giant and over the top. How difficult is it to put some damn numbers on the buildings?! I mean they are just instituting street names. Apparently it was a grid system before, now we have super long names for streets but no numbers. Here is how directions are given:

I am staying at the _______ hotel, it is by the hospital and next to the pizza hut but before the popeyes right after the walkway that goes over the road. 


If you look across the street diagonally at the mall, it is the store with the blue sign in the window with the green mat outside and there is a large cat outside. Seriously? You can build a building in the shape of a circle but we've come to this for giving directions?

6. Splenda - no artificial sweeteners here. NONE.

7. Target - I can't even speak about this one, it just hurts too much.

8. Publix - Another one that is almost too painful. I miss going and knowing where everything is. Knowing all the brands and which ones were my favorites. Here, while there is some familiar food - it is hard to pick things because I have issues with venturing to brands I know nothing about. I hope that changes in time. Publix I miss you! 

9. Wawa - ughhhh... I want a Turkey Gobbler :(

10. My professional camera. Although, this one is coming with my husband so that makes me happy!

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