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Dec 12, 2014

Friday Favorites :)

Hooray for Friday, which is really Saturday, but that is a whole other confusing story. So I am linking up today for my Friday fav's so let's do this, shall we?

My new little car - isn't she darling? I am stoked to have a way around this emirate now! Most of all - I am thankful for no more cabs!

*name to be announced when I figure one out

This is my niece Bella. She is the funniest and most expressive doggie ever. She likes her mommy to send me snapchats..often.  They always make me smile. She is currently spending a lot of time with her cousins before they come to Abu Dhabi.

My baby boy Princeton. He is such a smoochy face! I miss him so much & I cannot wait until he gets a stamp on his doggie passport and gets here!

Some of my favorite sights of the week

Aldar HQ building. The first circular Skyscraper. It is huge & really pretty. I can also see it from my new prospective apartment in Al Raha Gardens.

My School! 

Who knew they even still had these? 

The roof in the Aloft hotel.

Myself and a former teacher at my school back home who got here in August. I will tell you that Brunches here in Abu Dhabi are unbelievable. Food & drinks for hours!

Abu Dhabi sunsets can't be beat. 

Things that made me laugh this week

Yep. All day. 

Go find this list on Spotify - I died. 

Hope you wrap up the week, enjoy some Christmas shopping or whatever festivities you might be partaking in and have a great weekend :) 

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