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Oct 7, 2013

Oh Hey!!!

Well true to form, work begins and my life completely comes to a standstill where all fun and enjoyable things cease as Football season starts just as school begins. Don't get me wrong, I do love my Friday Night Lights...sometimes :) Mainly when I have my OFF! because the mosquitos are crazy bad.

It has also been typical Florida with the sauna feeling outside. I just want seasons, is that too much to ask?! As you can see from the pic above, it definitely likes to rain on FNL time as well. Awesome.

So I was at Target this past week and lookie lookie!!! He is SO CUTE!!! Not necessarily $45 cute, but I can't lie... I thought about it. I mean I COULD justify him because I would totally put him on the back porch and keep him lit up all year long. My husband would be thrilled! 

Let's not forget about the AHHH_mazing skull sunglasses that I wore around the store. They were too cute, but I needed to be realistic - I would only maybe wear them for parades. So I (sadly) put them back. Perhaps a goal gift. I love doing goal gifts for my weight-loss journey. 

In the midst of my work, time at Football games and other social time eating activities, I always find a little way to get a laugh. This was at the homecoming game this past weekend. Why YES!, I'd love to be part of the homecoming court. Of course I had just put my hair up and used OFF as my hair spray. Hott. Mess. But hey - it is what it is :) 

On to the sad news of the blog update - This...
It is Terrible. Horrible & just a damn roadblock. So I finally drug myself to the doctor. Begrudgingly of course... I knew the prognosis before the doctor could even tell me. Hello... I have WebMD. Achilles Tendinitis. AKA OUCH! The Doc gave me an injection of anti-inflammatory and steroids...whew, let me tell ya. I can do the injection part but not the moving the needle around. I spare the details, but I swear it did more harm than help. It just hurts now all the time. I am hoping for a quick recoup. because I really, really, REALLY want to go to the gym and back to boxing. I never thought I would say that.. EVER. But I will get back. For now I am completely focusing on my diet plan and supplements. I definitely don't want to slide back. 

What are you doing for motivation? Having any set backs?

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Till next time, friends!


  1. Thank you!! I do as well, although it feels better daily. I just need to not be hardheaded (HAHA) and stay off of it.