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Oct 11, 2013


So in my reading around blogs I stumbled upon I Wore Yoga Pants by Whitney & I have to say that I think I fell in blog love! I adore blogs that are written in a personal, real tone and that convey who the writer is and you get a feel for the writer not just words on the screen. So after reading several post, and feeling like I was having a conversation with her, I can STRONGLY recommend that you follow her! I know I am.. and by the way she has a great link up that I can fully support because we all know I am a fan of my Friday Morning (or anytime really) booty shaking mix to end off the week & she host the #backthatazzup Friday. Aside from a stellar music link up... did you notice the hashtag? #mykindagal

I do love me some Macklemore. Great for house cleaning motivation, and driving a little over that speed limit ;-)

And still my absolute favorite song from this summer and my L.A. trip...

So I know that there is PLENTY of controversy about Ms. Miley, but I'll admit - I like her. Catchy songs, a voice that I like, plus I totally can belt her stuff in the car, shower, while cleaning.. You get the hint. So I was over on I wore yoga pants to work by Whitney (which is an awesome blog btw) and caught this little gem that I had missed. Well if you haven't viewed this version of We Can't Stop with The Roots & Jimmy Fallon... you definitely should!

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  1. AWESOME song choices :) I will always adore Macklemore, I think he's a lyrical genious. Stopped by to thank you for linking up with The Collective and to return the follow, hope to see you back for the next one!