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Oct 21, 2013

Weekend recap - late yet satisfying.

Well luckily I am FINALLY feeling almost normal again... I mean its only been over a week now! Ridic.. anyways, so like I rambled about in a previous post I had a great weekend last weekend in which I purposefully took pictures of so I could do a great recap. Yeah, well day late dollar short.. whatever, I am gonna blog about it and damn it, I hope y'all read it :)

So I will stay say we are super lucky to get to see this view ALL the time! We have annual passes so we are able to go whenever we please which can be really nice as a little mini-vacay. This particular weekend we went over on a day trip as lots of our friends were camping in Fort Wilderness. Not like tent and roughing-it camping, but a style much more friendly to this concrete-loving, AC-having city girl. Welcome to the world of air-conditioned travel trailers and pop-up campers. 

As if Disney wasn't already magical, but Fort Wilderness is just awesome and way relaxing anyway. Granted, there is not an over abundance to do at the camp sites, but this turned into the allure of the sites as it is necessary to sit down and DO NOTHING. Just relax. That is a commodity in and of itself. 

Doesn't this just look like relaxation? Trust me.. it was! 

We also stopped in the horse stables to visit the horses.. Nevermind those signs as my friend Terri gives the horses some rubs ;-) 

And HOLY Crap do these people go all out for decorating? I love me some Halloween and here are a few pics of the peeps that must love it as much as me. 

This one below was my favorite. Their whole site was set up as a wrecked pirate ship!! It was amazing.. moving water features, skeletons, some halloween flair as well. I'd say it was the best one overall. However, I could be biased since it was Pirate themed. Whatever, it was the best one.

A nice young lady at a friend of ours camp site brought a cookie decorating kit and like all good adults, she wanted people to help her decorate cookies and we all obliged. Kinda like when a toddler hands you a toy phone... you answer that thing pronto. Here is my creation. yeah, it sucks. Whatevs. 

Some of my krewe as there always have to be some inappropriate pics.

We decided to head over to Magic Kingdom after a few drinks by the campfire and we took the golf cart with our driver, Nick, transporting all 8 of us over. Yeah, pretty sure we were at weight limit and over-capacity.. but we made it. My legs were burning as that was a two minute squat and hold seeing as I am short so I automatically get put on a lap. But hey.. its never too painful for a picture!! 

Took the boat over to MK and as we were pulling up the 9pm Fireworks started and what a sight. I have viewed the fireworks several times, but this time topped almost all of them as we were on the water and could see everything including the castle. They were beautiful! I am a fool for fireworks.. not sure why but I have always enjoyed a great firework show and Disney never disappoints. 

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