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Oct 11, 2013

5 on Friday

I am Linking Up with Darci over at The Good Life blog for a 5 on Friday. I can't tell you how cute her blog is, and her little one is a doll as well! I may be jealous of her super cute Halloween deco. & cute gifts she has posted right now as well. I am really pumped about the time I have been able to spend reading and exploring blogs this week. I have found some real gems. Go over and follow her blog, I am sure you won't be disappointed & of course while you are there, LINK UP!


1. Thank goodness we finally enjoyed a touch of fall this morning!! I was super excited to get in the car and see a nice crisp 64 degrees! Granted it shot up to mid-80's like a bottle rocket but I will totally accept 80's over high 90's ANYDAY! Best part of all.. low to no humidity. Yes, I had straight hair today!

2. Still loving my roses from my hubs this week. They are beautiful & make me smile. They make me smile even more because he used my wine craft as a case. HA!

3. I mean it doesn't get much funnier than this. This would be Vera. She is such a pistol, very vocal and in desperate need of a hair cut (that is coming later this evening). She looks a hot mess, but she loves her Skull & Crossbone hat. She is gonna be a punk rocker for Halloween I believe. She is a big time daddys girl even though she is my dog. But a Diva nonetheless. 

4. Speaking of Diva's... Yea, I know of a few people who this sign could apply to, including yours truly. I mean if an adjustment is needed then so be it. But those who try to wear the tiara but can't fulfill the job - just got ahead and step off. #igotthis  Perhaps I should have some wine this evening ;-) ...its been a long week!

5. Drumroll please.... I am super excited to say that I am going back to visit my favorite city in a few weeks. The opportunity presented it self & my hubs was supportive so..... I am heading to....

New York City!!!!!!!

I cannot wait! I am so pumped about this trip. Just a short little weekend, but I am a-okay with that. Get some shopping in for Christmas, see some sights. Woot Woot!! I'll try not to be obnoxious about it, but I make no promises. #sorrynotsorry

That my 5 on Friday! Go link up and share your 5! In true gossip girl fashion, XOXO

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  1. A) vera is hilarious
    B) NEW YORK CITY?!??? For what? I'm just a little jelly...
    C) It was in the 50's here this week :-P