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Aug 18, 2013

The usual

Well as it normally goes, I love to blog - I get super into it... and then I hit the brickwall. I stop & let things fall to the wayside. So since coming back from L.A. I have been so busy with being back in work and trying to maintain my workout groove, blogging just took a backseat. But here is to renewed commitment. I am quite certain I have done this before. 

So on tap for this Sunday Funday that won't be so fun (they never really are in my life) I have grocery shopping on tap. Now that is something to get excited about, right?! Ok, not really. Maybe if I was still in my nazi-couponing ways..but alas, that has taken a backseat to working out and working. Such is life I suppose.

This week was the teachers first week back to work and I have to say I quite enjoyed them being there. It is nice to hear of their summers and how they are refreshed and ready to take on the world...or 1,900 teenagers in just two short days. We get our kiddos back on Tuesday!

So off to Publix to get my supplies for this week. No more crappy eating and back to my trainers eating plan. He is gonna hurt me tomorrow at boxing - I can already feel it.

How are you spending your Sunday?


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