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Oct 29, 2013

Xoxo, NYC part 1

For many reasons,  I count my blessings...I am blessed by a wonderful family, a loving husband (who will get plenty of shout-outs throughout this post) and some awesome friends (again, many shout-outs). I am fortunate enough to have a career in which I can take personal time & my boss encourages us to take care of when this offer presented itself, I just couldn't pass it up. So my friend, Kim works in FL but travels to NY and since she was staying for a lengthy trip offered me a weekend tour of NYC. Now, I have visited previously but it has been sometime so I was ecstatic to accept her offer. I have always loved NYC. It only took one visit for that city to capture my heart. I have always wanted to live there, to be a New Yorker (I'll settle for the transplant label), and to be amongst a busy city. Blame it on Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte or Blair Waldorf... I love NYC and I have always wanted to live there. So here I sit on the plane somewhere over Tennessee looking at my pictures from this weekend that I purposefully didn't Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, etc so I could do a blog post with them all in one place... You're welcome FB followers cause there were a ton!! I'll try to have some self restraint here, but I make no promises ;)

I do love me some inflight photos. I adore flying, I once tried to get a job as a flight attendant, but quitting college wasn't highly favored with the fam. I digress... 
Let's start with Friday, I fly in and get picked up by a fabulous car service (VERY New York, aka Mr. big style car) and into the city we go. I flew into Newark, NJ so this was my first experience in a tunnel going from NJ to NY. Can't say I was a fan. It's tight quarters  and if something goes down you better hope you can get out 

 Some perspective for ya: it's dark, enclosed, no thanks.  But we come out of the Holland Tunnel and come around the corner to this ....
The new Freedom tower. It took my breath away. I don't know if it was from the beauty of it or for the purpose that stands so tall with this building. It truly was breathtaking. I was staring at it as we sat in traffic just in awe. It symbolizes so much to me; loss, sadness, terror, freedom, rebuilding, renewed life, pride.. I could go on and on. You will note this will probably not be the only pic you see of this building from this trip because I could have taken 100's. I just feel it stands for so much. If you have the chance to go, please take the opportunit. The last time I was in NY the Twin Towers stood so visiting the site was very emotional for me. More on that later...

So night one in New York consisted of eating pizza (DELISH) & shopping - two of my favorite things! We walked all over the place, forgive me I can't even pretend to know road names, and we popped in and out of store after store, We spent a good amount of time in Old Navy, all 4 floors of it. We came out with full intentions of going across the street to take in some Macy's action and we are greeted by sirens, tons and people and even more flashing lights.

I definitely panicked a little inside because for this many ladder trucks, fire engines, and cop cars to be smashed into one area something was definitely going on. No one really knew so I took to twitter to figure it out. Of course someone in the twitter universe had used the Macys hashtag and posted about a fire in the basement. I was definitely glad that we had went into Old Navy first rather than Macys because your girl would have flipped. We decided it was enough excitement for one night (and the streets were packed) so we headed back to our hotel on 34th and Lexington (I do remember that in case I got lost). However, we did make a pit stop at Crumbs, a cute little bakery with Devine cupcakes. And wow are they amazing!! 

This is my pick, the birthday cake cupcake. And shame on you NY for proudly displaying th calorie count of every fresh-baked morsel of goodness. This pretty little thing came in at 870 calories, but that didn't steer me away. No sir, I figured I was walking all over hells creation, so I was getting it. It was awesome, I didn't eat it all in one sitting though, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If my trainer found out he would make me do burpees til the cows come home.. So shhh, okay? And yes, while I'm on the admitting train I had pizza twice Friday. First place, not so good. Second place, Kings, was awesome. So awesome.. There is a slice in the overhead compartment coming home to my dear hubs. :) So this was my Friday... I'll continue tomorrow :) 


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