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Oct 21, 2014


So here I sit at my make shift desk surrounded by the little loose ends that really need to be cleared up. Rolls of tape, sharpi markers, and other miscellaneous items that really need to get their asses in a box. I mean I do have other things to do than pack and find a home for all this little stuff. However, I just don't wanna. I don't want to because I am enjoying the last few days in the house and I really can't believe that we are moving around the world. And... I'm lazy & a procrastination expert. I'll tell you about that someday. 

So today's Abu Dhabi update is nothing. Zilch, Zero, Nada. Some of the ladies in my leadership group got emails this morning telling them that their start date will most likely be pushed back as the head person in charge of documents took a little vacay which means no ones documents were submitted to immigration for the last two weeks. Luckily, I did not receive this email but I surely fired one off to my rep and she assured me that I didn't get it because I wasn't affected and my docs were in before said person took a little 2 week hiatus. I feel bad for the ladies in my group that this is going to affect. It is definitely hard to sit and wait and to be told you get to wait even longer is definitely stressful. However, I have witnessed two people conquer this process so I knew before I started what I was in for. I am praying that I get a fly timeline soon. As much as I want to be home for the holidays, I know that the closer I get to the holidays the harder it will be on my family when I have to leave. Let's rip the bandaid off, shall we?

I have been spending a good amount of time with friends and family lately which has been great. Everything is sold in the house with the exception of the washer and dryer and the fridge in the garage. Those should be in their new home this weekend. I am definitely looking forward to getting packing all tied up and completed however that would be happening much faster if I could get my rear end in gear and stay focused. Ha.. like that will happen.

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