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Jan 1, 2014

About me

I'm Mistie aka Sparkles dubbed from my love of all things glittery, shimmery, and of course covered in sparkles. It just kind of stuck and well here we are. I figured it just fit what I wanted this blog to be. A little of this and a little of that. I do enjoy writing, but I have trouble sticking to the script. I can be somewhat erratic and lose my focus but then again, I think it keeps things interesting. I definitely have a weakness for designer handbags and MAC make up but I really am not too much of a girly-girl. I can get dirty if I have to; I just don't prefer too. I will leave the grimy to the boys and stay in the air conditioning.

I am married to my husband who I met in 2003.  We were definitely voted most likely to never be a couple but hey - opposites attract and we really do compliment each other well.

We have 3 furbabies that are my whole entire heart. I blog about them often and I brag on them just like regular moms do. I am definitely an animal lover and these dogs are completely rotten. I'm not sure how that happened.

When I am not working (hahaha) I am enjoying some photography, selling Jamberry Nails, and working my arse off in the gym. I LOVE boxing! It is such  great release and it is killer on calories. So this blog covers it all and more I am sure. I love to network, meet new people, and keep in touch. I am an Instagram fool & a Facebook junkie. So this is just going to be another little addiction ;-)

Thanks for checking in. Feel free to leave any comments or pointers for this newbie blogger!

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