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Mar 12, 2014

Link up Fun

Hey loves... been a crazy busy ending to last week and this week started Spring Break which was OH.SO.NEEDED!  So I'm back and it is always a fabulous day to do some linking up and make some new friends :)

Today I am saying so what to several things such as

= So what if I am still in my pajamas at 2:28pm, its Spring Break Beeetoches!!
= So what if I plan on staying in my house a llllllllllll Spring Break, or at least until maybe Friday, then the Shenanigans for the weekend begin.

 = So what if I just totally screwed myself by calling out my dissertation chair for her inadequacies. I mean how are you going to tell me on the deadline day (TODAY) that oh by the way, you were in the wrong unit for 15 weeks...whoopise!!  Um, no... #lostmyshit All I know, someone better make it right because I have a very extensive repertoire of complaining, whining, and writing seething emails. 

= So what if I am between about 5 sites I may want to use to redesign this bloggy blog. I like what I did here, but I am thinking that I might want a different, more polished look. Read: I need this shit to look professional. 

= So what if I am ready to throw this iPhone across the room. It won't send any messages through iMessage. It goes to send, then says unsent and I have to send it as a text. Isn't this shit bag phone smart enough to just send it as a text...

= So what if maybe I am annoyed and need to take a nap. I can't sleep Spring Break away.. I mean I might miss something on Pinterest or Facebook

Speaking of Facebook, I posted this little Ad on my Jamberry Facebook page. Check if out and if you are interested, hit me up! It might make my mood a little bit better. 

For more info, shoot me an email justcallmesparkles at gmail :)

Don't forget to show some love to me and to my linky friends! 


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