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Mar 26, 2014

Confessions of a slack ass blogger

Forgive me blog world for I have sinned, it has been 10 days since my last post...Yeah, it has been over ten days, oppsie. I mean seriously, how is a girl supposed to work, keep up a house, write a dissertation all the while remaining socially in touch with friends and family AND maintaining fabulous status? #thestruggleisreal

So when I signed into Bloglovin to just read a little this evening, I immediately felt super guilty. Not because I have all these followers that are depending on my next written word {bless your heart if you are..} but because I really want to blog for me. Annnnddddd... I've done some cool stuff the past 10 days. So I'll cover some of those events in my confessions for the week. 

:: yeah, the gym... Wtf is that? I am not sure what my issue is, I was so pumped before. But I did commit with my girl to get my ass there everyone morning at 5a.m. {kill me} starting April 1. So for now, bring me another cappuccino!


:: I am so over this dissertation bullshit. I feel like if I'm not being jerked around by some facet of this god forsaken process, my day just isn't complete. I mean hell, I am paying for this crap... WHO DOES THIS?!?!?  Dear sweet baby Jesus, please let me make it to the end... 


:: I need a blog redesign, but I am lacking time and creative abilities -- any suggestions?

:: My dogs have been a special kind of pain in the asses lately, it's like they are conspiring against me to see who can make me crack my head open first in this house by constantly being under me feet. #furmommaslosetheirshittoo

:: I am currently trying to plan out blog post for future ideas and such, what are your creative inspirations? 

:: I am SUPER excited about my upcoming giveaway, so be sure to check back! 

:: I did the Electrodash 5K last Friday night. Ok, it was more of 3.8K because me and my friend may have taken one {or 2} short cuts. The 5K itself was ok, very Rave oriented, with everything glowing, loud electronic music, etc. But it was on a Friday night, after my first week back to work after spring break. Yeah, I probably should have consulted my calendar before booking that baby.



:: my hubs and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on the 24th! We had a fabulous dinner at Flemings, aka The more $$ than sense restaurant. While the food was amazing, and we received some $$ off due to my husband working for the same overall company, it was just SO over priced. That Chocolate Lava Cake though....

:: I have started my Spring cleaning!! YES! And it will be almost alllllll done by this Friday! Yes, be jealous. 

Ok, so this is 10 days in a small little nutshell with a cute little link up. I found the blog Vodka & Soda through my reading, clicking & Blog surfing. I love when that happens!  Don't forget to link up :)


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