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Mar 30, 2014


For the last few months, my sisters and I have been plotting and scheming about throwing our mom a surprise party. Now normally this would happen at a land mark birthday, but keeping with the tradition of being non-traditional - we opted for a "hooray for you" birthday party.  We were able to pull it off and have a great time AND biggest score...No leaks and she didn't know a thing!

Of course this party was very inspired by crafting, Pinterest, and the need for tons of color!

The decorations are so cute, I believe they will be remaining for Spring; it was a like a 2-4-1. 

This cake was amazing! A complete diet buster, but completely worth it. 

The Birthday girl and I 

My sister wrangling the Balloons! She eventually won.

So with the big party, today has been a very lazy, lazy day of pure relaxation. 
Sex and the City Marathon, thank you HBOgo - don't judge me. I'm on Season 2, episode 11

I hope that your weekend was fabulous! Be on the look out for a giveaway starting tomorrow :)

Much Love,

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