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Mar 4, 2014

Finding Nemo?

Who in the hell steals a fish? I mean what kind of twisted sick individual has those sorts of stones...

No, I am not crazy nor have I lost my mind. Here's the 411 on operation "I need to find Nemo". So my Marine Science teacher sets up a salt water tank in my office at work. Apparently, I give off the I'm angry and need serenity vibe. So I get my tank and I want an eel, a ribbon eel to be precise. Not that I have ever had an eel, cared for an eel or the like. Yes, pet owner of the year nominee right here. So enter Trina, my ribbon eel. She is cool but then I decide she needs a friend. Clearly, the best friend for her is something bigger than her that she cannot devour, so a clown fish is suggested. So enter, Yeezus the maroon clown fish. Since everything in my tank needs a gangsta name, he is named after Kayne who is a clown. See what was done there? A big thanks to my girl, Hollo for the great play on words name.

See the similarities?! 

Anywho - so its Yeezus and Trina living a nice happy life and today I come in to see my aqua friends and Yeezus is missing. I mean I looked all through the tank because how in the hell does a fish disappear from a tank? You're right, they DON'T. Trina is not big enough to eat him. Hell, she cannot even see to eat her own little ghost shrimp. I mean after all they sit on her head and back as she swims around.Luckily we have surveillance cameras in the school {yea, it is a safe place} so I watched but not everyone would use the entrance door since there is a backdoor to enter and exit as well. So bottom line, my gangsta fish was jacked.

Clearly, this is a big deal to me. It is not so much about the fish but the invasion of personal space and the ultimate lack of respect for another persons possessions. I just have a hard time knowing that someone came into my LOCKED office after I left school yesterday and blatantly stole a fish. For the love of God, a FISH! not a pen off my desk, not my beloved K-Cup coffee maker, not my stash of candy... but a fish. What in the world is wrong with these people? So for now... my awesome secretary made me reward signs and they are posted. One of which is posted right on the tank. I want the culprit to know that I am aware of the shenanigans. For now... back to my all-day tantrum of "I can't believe someone stole my fish".

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