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Mar 5, 2014

Wednesday Link up

So I'm pretty proud of my new commitment to blogging. I have really found that this is a great outlet and I am starting to connect with some great ladies. #bloggingFTW

I found these link ups as I was puruising my bloglovin list of my favs so I figured why not! I am always down for a little confession action. So make sure you read, link up, and show these gals some love. Hey, you might even make a few new friends!

My Confessions:
1. I am in a strange place professionally. I love my job & I love the kids. I have worked pretty hard to get to where I am and being that I am the youngest in the office of administration (I do love being the baby, it gives me freedom to act a fool sometimes) I pride myself on my accomplishments. SO why the hell am I feeling this need to keep moving up or on... or up.. or is it on?  #thestruggleisreal

2. I have not been to the gym in a week. I don't really have a reason - I could actually be there right now.

3. I sometimes wish that I didn't have such a job that required me to keep my thoughts, beliefs, and personal opinions out of public arenas. I would hate to lose my job because I say something incorrect, but is it really okay to censor myself? Do all professionals have to do this to some degree? I just want to voice my frustrations, my applause, and my thoughts on many things. But alas, I sit quietly and bite the heck out of my tongue A LOT.

4. I still have my "Diva" Christmas tree up. It is March 5. The shame...
* Confession 4.2 -- I LOVE the Goonies!

5. I spent entirely too much time on my phone, iPad, or my fancy new iMac computer. I know that I do but I just can't seem to not have SOMETHING to do that is internet related. Does anyone else have this? What do you do to curb it? I was told to give it up for Lent (totally not Catholic) but I really can't because I do business on the computer and social networking sites.  And by business I mean Facebook, Instagram, and that time-sucker Pinterest.

Don't forget to link up!!

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