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Feb 20, 2014

Hello my name is ...

Who can even remember? My goals for this year were over faster than I would be out of a game of Jeopardy. Well not really over, just ... abandoned? Luckily, I can find them again and attempt to commit?

Work has been kicking my ass. I mean, these kids= cray, their parents = cray, my co-workers = cray. Do you see the pattern? So I have definitely been losing my mind at work. Of course we are entering testing season and if you are in Education it is a fabulous time of the year when lawmakers and people who sit behind a desk in a fancy office make decisions about what is best for education and sadly, they have never been in education so it is a bit of an cunundrum because they just don't get it. But that is for another post. No worries, I will warn you when I unleash that story...

So Gasparilla has come and gone {sad face} and that just sucks. We do have some parading left to do here in Tampa (Google Gasparilla Tampa if you are clueless about what I am talking about). Its beads, booze, boobs (saw my first pair this year; no, not mine) and just a lot of fun. Next up is St. Pat's. Takes debauchery to a whole 'notha level.

Hubby & I getting our pirate on! (ok, me getting my pirate on)

OK, well I am off to work out with Satan my fabulous trainer. I am sure that I won't be able to lift my arms to type when I get home so wish me luck! Need some motivation... think about it like this:

Now get moving :)

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