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Feb 24, 2014

"F" Word

You know... there are some Monday's that just really make me wonder why the heck I go to work. Today - was not that day. It was actually a great day. Minus a little drama early in the morning but I can happily laugh at some of the misfortunes that I witness. I know that makes me sound shitty, but if I could fill in the background info. you'd get it. Something about posting things about your place of employment that is bad for business. Whatevs. 

So here in FL we are entering into the dreaded "F" word timeframe. No, not my favorite 4-letter F bomb but FCAT. A standardized test that every kid takes at some point of their educational career in K-12 and is a bench mark for many to move from one grade level to the next. *YAWN*... it will be a long two days as the kids go stir crazy when they are locked in a testing room for about two hours a day. #KillMeNow

Best. Meme. Ever. 

So I need to do some writing for my Chapter 3 that I have been... crafting until it is perfect (Read: I have been a complete lazy ass and I am putting off writing it at all cost). I only have two sections left so I guess I could put some time towards it this week. I really need to have it turned in for a first review by this Friday. Who wants to hold me accountable? 

In other non-homework/writing related news, I am going to try out this little challenge. I saw it on a blog somewhere in all my hopping around; however, I cannot find it now. So if it was your blog..comment below. The idea take a a picture each day of something that makes your happy & post it via FB, IG, Twitter, or blog.

Day 1: My newest Jamberry Mani :) A cute conversation piece!

Interested in trying them out? Shoot me an email or comment below! 

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