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Feb 23, 2014

Bridesmaid retirement

I am declaring it official. I am 95% of the way to Bridesmaid retirement. I have fulfilled almost all of my bridesmaid duties as of last evening.  Yesterday was my college bestie, Meredith's bridal shower so it was wedding fun all day long. The shower was nice and I am pretty sure the bride has a wonderful time. My gift was my personal favorite (vain, much?) but I am really into the personalized gifts so this sign that my friend Britten from Two at a Time Design made was perfect! Her work is Ahhhh-mazing, check it out.

Fast forward a few hours after the shower and some clip viewing of Magic Mike

and repeated clip viewing as the Bride's request...

**You're welcome, Meredith

We got the party rolling and hit up a college favorite, the Dallas Bull. Granted it is the new location, not the same as in college (Thank you sweet baby Jesus), it is still guaranteed to be a good time and it did not disappoint.

A big shoutout to Kevin, the limo driver for maneuvering our ride through a McDonalds drive through at the brides request on our way home! 

So all this fun behind me, I am declaring my retirement from participation in wedding parties. I mean, I think I've paid my dues to all that were in my wedding. Quite frankly, I am just too damn old for this. It is hard work being a bridesmaid or MOH. I mean, I can't party and get down like I used too anymore. Have you noticed that with age, recovery time is so much longer? I only had two beers and one shot last night but I just can't stay up late like that anymore.  That and I need another bridesmaid dress like I need another purse. Well.. maybe that is a bad analogy because we all know my purse addiction will never die but you get the point. I am very happy for my friend, Meredith and I look forward to her big day. She will be a stunning bride and she is having a reception that doubles as my retirement party. She is a great friend, huh?! :)

So how many bridesmaid dresses are in your closet???

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