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Feb 21, 2014


Hey Loves...

Happy Freaking Friday!!!

I am linking up with my girl, Val over at Fabulous Chick Gets Fit (one of my fav. bloggers & extremely motivating) for this Follow Through Friday. It is another source of accountability so get on that train, k?

So this week was actually much better than the past few have been. I have been eating a bit better and trying to maintain clean eating (key word "trying"). I have also been worked like crazy in the boxing gym with my awesome trainer. Lots of speed work and cardio circuits (shoot me now). My legs and my arms are sore sore sore. But it is worth it, right?

So my goal this week is at least 2 personal training sessions, 3 days of solo workouts (dare I try to start up some insanity again??) and back to my fuel & fire meals. I'd also like to really watch my sugar intake. I have cut most of it but that pesky Valentine's heart with the pecan-caramel truffles is lingering and you can't throw that away.

Keep in mind that my goals will definitely start on Sunday because tomorrow night is Bachelorette Party  For my girl, Meredith. We've been friends since college - she was my go-to party pal, and the ultimate partner in crime and she finally found someone who could handle her.   Big plans to be carried out tomorrow.. I am sure that pictures will be involved because I wouldn't be ones of her bestest friends without some awesome blackmail pics. Who am I kidding... bitch could RUIN me.

Well have a lovely weekend, cupcakes. I have to go buy some naughties for the bride-to-be!

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